Why Can Appeared Weakness in All Body?


weakness in all musculsYou’ve just got up in the morning, and you already feel tired. Is it true about you? Muscle weakness every morning is common for people with nervous system disorders. Sometimes it’s constant fatigue, which goes away when you have a shower, your morning exercises or a cup of coffee. But this feeling can accompany you all day long, right till the moment you go to bed. You feel like you’re ill or greatly tired, though you haven’t done anything special. People with neuroticism or hypochondria always connect their nervous system disorders with this constant fatigue. They think it’s the symptom of their some unknown, but very awful disease. But the state of CNS is directly connected with energy in our body.

Factory of Stress

Let’s imagine that our human body is some kind of factory, which produces this or that product. The product scheme is quite clear here. Nothing can ever happen by itself. There always should be a leader. It’s the brain in our case. And employees  are organs and systems. Since people with neuroticism are always in the state of stress and anxiety, they simply can’t produce the good product. But you can’t make an omelet, when you only have apples and fish, so you can’t be happy, when the only thing you have is fear. So, what happens in the factory of our body? How does our factory make fatigue out of nervous system disorders?

Start Goal Work of Organs Result
Any nervous system disorder (panic attacks, phobias, long stress, neuroticism) is the reason for production of adrenaline, fear hormone. It’s released into blood and then the whole body follows its orders. One person can have several nervous system disorders, and they can start each other. For example, people with  vasoneurosis can also have anxiety disorder and panic attacks. They can be reasons for neuroticisms and hypochondria. Such people with several nervous system disorders may suffer from adrenaline rush every day. The goal of our Mother Nature is to save our lives from danger. That’s why adrenaline is released. This hormone helps people act the way, they would never act in the state of calmness. There are numerous stories about unusual behavior of usual people, when they in a state of stress. For example, an old lady threw a wardrobe out of her window, when her apartment was in fire, or a thin housewife killed her offender. Mother Nature could not predict that we would experience fright for no reason, but such is the world and we can’t escape stress and anxiety. When adrenaline is released in blood, it sets the whole body alert and makes the heart beat very fast, because its task is to supply oxygen to the inner organs. It’s necessary to help us fight the enemy or run away from them. But we can also have “silent stress”, and we get used to it quite fast. It seems to live inside our body and reminds about itself via sudden anxiety, hypochondria. This stress keeps on releasing adrenaline into our blood, but we don’t feel it, because we’re used to it. As a result, we can be sure that everything is alright, but at the same time we suffer from constant weakness in whole body. People with nervous system disorders are always alert, because adrenaline is released into their blood all the time. It can be either strong, or silent. But it’s impossible to remain stressed out for a long time. When you hold a book on your hand outstretched, you will get tired sooner or later, no matter how light the book is. At first your hand will shiver, and then you’ll feel weakness in your hand. The same happens with your body, when you’re in a state of constant stress. You feel tired and need a rest. That’s why people, who are in a constant state of stress, feel constant fatigue.

The harder your stress is, the stronger is your fatigue. People after panic attacks are especially exhausted, they simply can’t do anything. So do people with hypertensive crisis. If that crisis or panic attack happens at night, people feel weakness in all body in the morning.

How Can You Help Yourself?

If your fatigue is caused by nervous exhaustion, chocolate, coffee or vitamins won’t help you. You should help your nervous system the following ways:

  • weakness in all body in the morningUse earplugs at night while sleeping. Any sounds at night can disturb you, and you won’t’ understand why you woke up. But a good sleep is essential for restoring your nervous system.
  • Choose a comfy pajama set. You can also sleep in your warm socks on your feet.
  • Avoid any nervous tension two or three hours before sleep. Don’t listen to music, don’t watch movies, don’t drink coffee or alcohol. You can read some interesting articles, lying in your bed. Some people fall asleep quite well after them.
  • Ventilate your room frequently, drink much water and try to forget your problems. Any interesting hobby can distract you from your sad thoughts.
  • Increase your physical activity. Your heart should be fit all the time, otherwise it will get tired after a slightest stress and you will feel weakness.

If your recommendations don’t help and you keep feeling worse and worse, then see a therapist. Your life can bring you much more than just your constant weakness!


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