Vomiting because of Anxiety – How Can Person Prevent Unpleasant Symptom?


It is known that stress sometimes have the most unexpected symptoms. One of such manifestations is vomit from anxiety. People often consider this symptom to be a consequence of poisoning. They could not imagine that someone may have vomiting because of the stress.

Causes and Associated Symptoms

Nausea and vomiting can occur for several reasons.

  1. vomit because of emotional stressArterial tension drops. Due to the stress, people often have ups and downs in blood pressure, which can lead to nausea and vomiting. With increased blood pressure (hypertension), when adrenaline is released into the blood and the work of the entire cardiovascular system increases, a person faces vomit from anxiety, tachycardia, tinnitus, headache, pulsation in the temples. In hypotension, when the vessels dilate and the passage of blood through the capillaries becomes difficult, patients often feel drowsiness, dizziness and lethargy in addition to nausea.
  2. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Many patients with unstable nervous system suffer from problems with stomach and intestines. For example, stressful overstrain of the abdominal muscles causes pain and cramps in the stomach. Increased sensitivity of the intestine and violation of the natural balance of digestive function lead to discomfort in the stomach and diarrhea. All this, as a rule, can be accompanied by severe nausea and vomit from anxiety and stress.
  3. Cough. Sometimes patients have dry mouth because of the anxiety. This is due to the fact that the muscles involved in the process of swallowing are strongly strained, and the salivary glands are compressed. This provokes a strong thirst and desire to cough to clear the throat. Prolonged cough, in turn, can provoke tension in the chest, a feeling of compression of the throat and vomiting.

As a rule, the urge to vomit from emotional stress is accompanied by:

In addition, vomiting often causes loss of appetite, insomnia and nervousness. Do not leave the symptom unattended – the sooner a person will be engaged in solving his problem, the higher the probability that it will be completely eliminated.

How to Stop Nausea and Vomiting?

First of all, a person suffering from any undesirable manifestations of stress should normalize his/her psychological state. Only with identifying the cause of deterioration of health, you can achieve a full recovery. You can help yourself by performing some actions that will help to alleviate the condition.

  1. To eliminate nausea and vomiting, you can drink a cup of mint tea, eat a slice of lemon (a piece of pickled vomiting because of anxietycucumber) or dissolve mints. A warm compress with oil of cloves, chamomile and lavender can also help to alleviate the condition – it should be applied to the stomach.
  2. In case of high pressure, it is recommended to take Capoten and massage the temples and eyeballs. First, you need to press on the temples a little with your fingers and start doing massage movements. Then close your eyes and repeat the same action on the eyeballs. Also, to relax and calm down, you can carry out any breathing exercise.
  3. If vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea, it is recommended to take a tablet of Tetracycline or Loperamide; you can drink a cup of strong, sweet tea.
  4. In case if the accompanying symptoms are pain and cramps in the abdomen, you should try to relax completely, take a few deep breaths and exhale, and then massage the area where discomfort arose. With intense pain, you should take Spasmalgon or Baralgin.

It is also recommended:

  • To drink mineral water, eat diet foods in small portions during treatment;
  • To walk in the fresh air more often, to sleep long enough;
  • To engage in physical activity (exercises sometimes help to eliminate nausea, as they promote muscle relaxation).
  • To abandon bad habits, exhausting diets, starvation, as well as the use of untested means to improve the condition;
  • To take the vitamins the body needs;
  • To avoid stressful situations and to solve problems related to physical and psychological health in a timely manner.

The state when a patient is disturbed by the urge to vomit significantly disrupts the usual rhythm of life. Nausea can be eliminated with the help of some drugs, but if you do not identify the cause of the symptom – stress – it will return again and again. If it is impossible to achieve positive changes on your own, it is recommended to seek the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.


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