How to Get Rid from Stiffness in whole Body?


People with anxiety disorder aren’t very scared of stiffness in whole body, because it’s the usual symptom that they’re used to. They describe that feeling as difficulty in relaxing, breathing in fully, some kind of squeezing sensation. But even if they’re not afraid of that strange feeling, it doesn’t mean, that it’s not dangerous and uncomfortable.

What’s the Reasons?

When you’re stress or scared, your brain gets danger signals. When you’re having a panic attack, your body is getting prepared for a war. It wants to survive in this war, so all your muscles get stiff and tight. That’s the necessary position for hitting or running. At first your legs get stiff, then your arms and shoulders, and then your stomach, neck and back. That’ how in the result you get stiffness in entire body. It’s evident, that you’re not going to hit anyone or run anywhere, when you’re suffering from a panic attack, you’re just feeling tension, that you can’t possibly release. This tension gets bigger and bigger after each new panic attack. That’s the cycle that keeps on happening with your body. If your body becomes tight, it feels that something dangerous is going to happen. And if something dangerous is going to happen, it’s necessary to get ready to hit or run in order to survive. Stiffness in whole body is the reason for following symptoms:

So, if you want to get rid of this problem, you should analyze your psychological health. Sometimes it’s necessary to go to a therapist. Apart from that, you should try to relieve muscle spasms and solve that problem yourself.

What Can You Do?

So what can you do in order to relieve that muscle tension?

  • stiffness in entire bodyWhen you feel stiffness in your body all day, therapeutic massage can help you. Only professional therapists can do that, and it’s rather dangerous to trust a person who doesn’t know anything about massage.
  • Osteopathy, manual therapy, reflex therapy can also help you make your body stronger and get rid of stiffness.
  • Electrophoresis. Together with medicines, this procedure can remove this tension in your body as well as pain and inflammation.
  • Acupuncture. This method means inserting thin needles through the skin at some specific points.
  • Charcot shower. It projects water under high pressure for a strong massage over the whole body. The water can be cold and then hot. This method helps people get rid of stiffness and make blood vessels stronger.

There’re other methods that you can try yourself.

  1. stiffness in body in the morningMeditation. It’s one of the most effective methods of relaxation. You shouldn’t expect fast result of meditation. But after a couple of months of regular meditation you’ll be surprised with its effect. It will help you remove the tension, relax your muscles and get rid of panic attacks. You should meditate every day, because only regular training can be followed with a great result.
  2. Autogenic training. This method includes muscles relaxation, self-suggestion and self-improvement. Your goal is to reach inner balance, that was destroyed with your frequent panic attacks. You can practice this training with the help of your therapist or on your own.
  3. Baths. Warm bath with essential oils can help you when you feel the week, but constant tension. It’s good to have this bath before you go to bed. Beautiful, relaxing music will increase the positive effect.

So, you can try remove the stiffness in your body, doing the following:

  • Have long walks in fresh air,
  • Do some physical exercises;
  • Have some positive emotions;
  • Sleep well and much.

When you take care of your psychological state, your panic attacks and stiffness in your body will go away. But if you can’t solve that problem yourself, you should see a therapist. The sooner you’ll will get their help, the faster you’ll solve that problem.


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