Shaking in Legs from Fear – Effective Ways to Deal with Symptom


Many people with anxiety disorder suffer from shaking in their legs from fear. They can’t find the connection between their emotional state and this symptom. That’s why they get scared and can’t cope with it. The more they fear, the more their legs tremble. And it seems impossible to get out of this trap.

What Is the Reason?

When people are scared, they feel a great number of unpleasant physiological symptoms. The most common ones are rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure. The reason for them is the following: when people are scared, their body sends the signal to their brain, that they’re in danger. Adrenaline rushes into blood, and it moves to the head and heart. Organs of the digestive system don’t get enough blood at that moment, that’s why the muscles of the stomach squeeze. People feel that as stomach spasms and consider them shivering. It starts in the stomach and spreads over the whole body, including legs. They can get so weak, that people can’t even stand well enough. And hands shiver so much, that it’s impossible to take and hold anything. People also feel the following symptoms:

  • legs shaking from fearBalance problems, shift of balance,
  • Leg weakness;
  • Foggy head;
  • Feeling cold or hot, hyperhidrosis;
  • Squeezing sensation in chest;
  • Strong desire to urinate or defecate;
  • Breathing problems (labored breathing; inability to inhale, choking sensation);
  • Panic attacks, derealization.
Anxiety tremor is not only about leg shaking out of fear, it can also spread over the whole body. Some people even feel shivering inside their bodies.


The following people can suffer from shaking in legs from fear:

  1. legs shaking out from fearSensitive people;
  2. People with a weak immune system;
  3. People who frequently drink coffee and alcohol;
  4. People who frequently involve in hard manual labor and get tired;
  5. People who suffer from lack of vitamins.

If you suffer from leg shaking out of fear, you should go to a therapist. As soon as your psychological state gets better, you’ll forget about this symptom. A therapist can help you with behavioral therapy, hypnosis, gestalt therapy, NLT, psychoanalytic therapy. Apart from such methods the specialist can recommend you some vitamins, sedatives or antidepressant drugs. You’ll have to take them for about 6 months. Now let’s have a look at self-help methods:

  • When you feel your legs shaking out of fear, you should try and stay calm. Do some breathing exercises or shaking in legs from fear helpconcentrate on something relaxing. You can take some sedatives or just drink some water. Open the window and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Talk to the person you love. Their support will help you feel better. If you’re alone and need help, call your friend. Choose the person, who can share positive feelings with you and avoid people who can make you feel upset.
  • When you feel worse, call for a doctor. People with anxiety disorder feel much better, when they see a specialist.

The following recommendations will help you avoid leg shivering:

  1. Avoid stress and concentrate on positive emotions;
  2. Have regular medical examinations;
  3. Consult specialists and take medicines, prescribed to you;
  4. Don’t work too much;
  5. Don’t forget about rest;
  6. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol;
  7. Have long walks;
  8. Do some physical exercises.

Many people with anxiety disorder know how it feels, when legs are shivering out of fear. Don’t ignore this symptom, because it can be the signal of some serious disease. When you stay calm, you won’t feel fear and your legs won’t be shivering out of it. The first thing you should do is take care of your psychological state.


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