What Can Cause Permanent Yawn?


In the context of physiology yawning is a normal process for the human body. When we yawn because of sleepiness or boredom, it seems habitual and does not frighten us. But did you know, that yawning can be caused with some illness, cold and fear?

Nature Takes Care of Our Health

Yawning is a special process, which is aimed at filling our body with oxygen, so that our internal organs get as much nutrition as possible. That’s why inhale deeply and then exhale quickly and loudly. After some good yawning you feel that your brain gets activated, our body  is alert and alive, and your heart beats easily. In other words, yawning is healthy, because it improves your blood circulation and metabolism. But if you suffer from permanent yawn, there might be a problem. If the reasons for your permanent yawn are connected with surrounding factors, you can easily get rid of them. For example, stale air in the room or sultry weather will surely make you yawn, because that’s the way your overheated brain is ventilated, when its energy is low. If you get a breath of fresh air, you will stop yawning. Normalization of your sleep schedule will help you get rid of permanent yawn during the day-time. If your colleagues or college mates yawn, you’ll surely start yawning too. Scientists still can’t find the reason why yawning is so contagious.

Pathologic Shortness of Breath

A yawning person doesn’t arouse any concern, because it looks quite natural. But when it’s too frequent, it can be a symptom of some serious disorders:

  1. permanent yawn causesEndocrine disorders;
  2. Multiple sclerosis;
  3. Epilepsy;
  4. Depression;
  5. Poor circulation;
  6. Thermoregulatory disorders.

These disorders need immediate specialised medical consultation and subsequent treatment.

Respiratory Syndrome

It’s also called respiratory neuroticism. Its reason is the problem with the head, and not with the lungs or the windpipe, as the person may believe. People with respiratory syndrome constantly think that their respiratory system doesn’t work well enough and little air enters their lungs. As a result they do the following things:

  • permanent yawn cureSpread their shoulders all the time (poor posture brings them discomfort);
  • Make themselves yawn, opening the mouth widely;
  • Drink water in order to clean the throat;
  • Control their breathing;
  • Ventilate the room frequently, they always feel anxious;
  • Get irritated, frustrated, frightened.

Such people try to “improve” their breathing process with purposeful yawn, because they fear that they will faint or choking fit. Such anxiety may lead to panic attacks, so people with such fear can really faint. But respiratory neuroticism never causes death.

Why People with Vasoneurosis Yawn and Yawn Again?

People with vasoneurosis are constantly alert, they feel stressed all the time. Their brain prepares body for a battle with some unknown enemy and respiratory system to some dangerous situation. That’s why they get shallow breathing, and their body doesn’t get enough oxygen. Their feet and hands are constantly cold. They yawn and yawn again, that’s the way they try to get enough oxygen.

Vasoneurosis is one of the reasons for constant yawning.

Rapid shallow breathing disturbs the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. If there’s too little carbon dioxide in permanent yawn treatmentthe blood, people have choking feeling in the throat. They get scared and that’s why their stress becomes harder. Their breathing gets more rapid and shallow, and level of carbon dioxide gets too low. The vascular tone becomes low, the heart can’t beat well, because it needs oxygen. So the brain helps the body, making it yawn in order to get the air.

People with vasoneurosis yawn slowly, deeply, because it’s the way they get enough oxygen and normalize the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. So, you should not be too shy to yawn once in a while, when you’re at work or at a college. You should just do, what your brain wants you to do. If you don’t yawn, your brain can make you fall asleep, if it’s the only way to make you breathe deeply.

So, if you yawn and yawn again, you should see a doctor and check if you have any health problems. Then you can change your lifestyle, sleep schedule, take care of your nervous system, get physically active. But a great number of people suffer from constant yawning because of some physiological or surrounding factors. As soon as you get rid of them, you’ll stop yawning immediately!


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