Panic Attacks Has Appeared during Pregnancy – Is It Possible to Overcome?


It’s hard to remain calm with anxiety disorder and other accompanying symptoms. Panic attacks during pregnancy can’t make anyone happy, because the expectant mother is responsible for her health and her baby’s health too.

Panic Attacks and Trimesters of Pregnancy

Panic attacks during the first trimester of pregnancy can be accompanied with the following symptoms:

  • during pregnancy panic attacksMorning sickness during pregnancy. Due to psychological tension the pregnant woman can feel nausea, that can become constant. She also feels permanent fatigue and drowsiness.
  • Hormonal imbalance. It can be the reason for miscarriage during the first week of pregnancy, when the woman doesn’t even understand that she’s pregnant.

Panic attacks in early pregnancy can be followed with uterine hypertonus. This symptom is quite dangerous, because it’s connected with the following factors:

  1. placental insufficiency;
  2. fetal hypoxia;
  3. placental abruption.

Uterine hypertonus is one of the reasons for missed miscarriage, when the perfectly healthy fetus stops growing and developing and dies without any clear reasons. When it happens during the first trimester of pregnancy, the woman’s body temperature gets low and she stops feeling any symptoms of morning sickness. When it happens during the second trimester of pregnancy, the woman gets fever and shivering attacks.

Another consequence of panic attacks during the second or third trimester of pregnancy is placental insufficiency, when the fetus doesn’t get enough nutrients and oxygen. That’s the reason why the baby is born with low weight.

The fetus can get used to the stress and consider it as normal, so in the future he or she will have constant depression. Scientists from the USA made some researches and found out that psychoemotional tension of a pregnant woman can become the reason of autism of their children. Mothers of children with autism were suffering from psychological tension while pregnancy.

The Third trimester

Hormonal imbalance and uterine hypertonus during the third trimester can be the reason for the following:

  • panic attacks during late pregnancy Preterm delivery.
  • Labor complications. Due to hormonal imbalance there can be some problems while labor, and C-section can become necessary.
  • Wrong position of the fetus while delivery.

People with panic attacks take some medicines, which must not be had during pregnancy, because they can be dangerous for fetus. Due to panic attacks in pregnancy the baby after birth can have difficulty in falling asleep.

What Can Help?

When women suffer from panic attack in late pregnancy they can get help from complex therapy. The most effective method is psychotherapeutic assistance. Its main task is developing of adaptive mechanisms and resistance to stress factors, which cause panic attacks. If necessary, the doctor can prescribe some medicines, which are not dangerous for panic attacks during early pregnancy pregnant women. Apart from them, the pregnant woman can also practice meditation, breathing exercises or some relaxing tea.

When the pregnant woman is having panic attacks, accompanied with rapid heartbeat and difficulty in breathing, she can practice the following breathing exercise: hold her breath for 10 seconds and then exhale and relax. If the panic attack is caused with some phobia, it’s necessary to remove the object, that was the reason for that.

The pregnant woman, who suffers from frequent panic attacks, should eat well and sleep much, because all those positive factors can make her feel better.


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