How to Overcome Pain under Ribs on the Right Side?


Physical pain is always connected with psychological discomfort. Some diseases with such a symptom as sharp pain under the rib cage on the right hand side can be very serious and need surgery. That’s why it’s necessary to go to a doctor instead of reading about the treatment on the internet. Even if your pain is slight and short, it’s not a reason to become a hero and keep away from doctors.

How Does It Feel Like?

The intensity of pain depends on the disease. That’s the way you can find the true reason.

  • If the pain is caused with heart attack, then it’s accompanied with a squeezing sensation somewhere in the right side. The pain is quite sharp, it can also be felt in the chest or in the back. The person also has pale skin, unstable heart rate, dizziness, cardiac distress.
  • pain under ribs on the right hand sideIf you feel pain under ribs on the right, when you bent down or do heavy physical work, it can be caused with degenerative disc disease. As we age, our soft spinal discs get deformed, less flexible and thinner. Due to loss of fluid in the discs, they can’t act as reliable shock absorbers, that’s why we feel pain under the right rib cage, in the back, in the right arm. This disease is also accompanied with dizziness, labored breathing, incoordination, digestive disorders. In case of anxiety disorder, people can also have panic attacks.
  • If the pain is caused with liver disease, people also feel as if something big is inside their body, under their rib cage. The unpleasant sensation also spreads over back, neck and right shoulder. Nausea is also possible here.
  • If the reason is kidney stone disease, the pain is felt in the stomach, low back and thigh. If you press on your low back, the pain will get harder.
  • Due to hepatitis, the pain under the ribs is accompanied with abdominal distension and nausea.
  • When people suffer from purulent inflammation, they can have pain under their right rib cage and in their back. When they do some heavy physical work or walk fast, they feel worse.

Another reason for this pain is anxiety disorder. It’s well-known that psychological tension can cause muscle spasms, followed with intercostal neuralgia. In this case the symptoms are the following:

Anxiety attack together with neuralgia cause the sharp pain under ribs on the right hand side during inhaling or exhaling. People, who suffer from that symptom, are frequently anxious and unstable. They get worried about anything that happens in their lives. Such people may also need to go to a doctor, no matter how scared they can be.

The pain on the right hand side under the ribs can also be the symptom of the following problems:

  • Thrombosis;
  • Herpes zoster;
  • Injuries;
  • Gall bladder disorder.

The intensity of the pain can be different, from light to very heavy.

How Can It Be Treated?

No matter what can be the reason for the pain, it’s necessary to go to a doctor and have the full medical examination. Sometimes, when the pain is not heavy, people can ignore it. For example, when it only appears, when they inhale deeply. It’s wrong and dangerous, because any little pain can be the symptom of some severe disease. Only an experienced doctor can prescribe the correct treatment. The following things you can do if you want to avoid this pain:

  1. pain under ribs on the right sideHave the regular medical examinations and pay attention to your physical and mental health.
  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Have long walks and do physical exercises every day. Eat healthy food. Sleep well and long.
  3. Quit smoking and working too hard.
  4. Try to avoid stresses and physical injuries.

Don’t have any medicines without prescription, because you can take the wrong pill and feel worse after it.


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