Is It Dangarous If I Feel Pain in Nape Area?


All types of headache can make us suffer. But people with anxiety disorder consider their headache as something dangerous, a symptom of a very serious disease. Pain in nape area seems to them the most frightening one, because they imagine that they surely have the brain tumor or something else. So let’s find out the real reasons for this type of headache.

Basic Anatomy

Brain can’t feel pain, because it has no pain receptors. But they are located in:

  • Meninges;
  • pain in nape treatmentSkin;
  • Muscles;
  • Blood vessels;
  • Nerves;
  • Periosteum;
  • Cervical spine;
  • occipital bone.

Here’s the list of parts of our body, that can be the reasons for nape pain. First of all, it can’t be the skin in this area, because its nerve-endings are not very sensitive. But it can be the neck muscles and the spine. They frequently become the true reasons for pain in the back of the head. Sometimes the pain moves to other areas of the head, so it’s difficult to find the real source of pain. If you feel pain in the back of your head, you should see a doctor, because it’s a very important symptom.

So what Is the Reason?

Any pain is the signal that there’s something wrong in the body. People with anxiety disorder have so many symptoms that they simply don’t know which one is important and which one is not important. They can think that their nape pain on their right side or left side doesn’t deserve their attention, and their panic attacks seem to them much more important. People with neuroticisms or hypochondria think that they always overestimate their symptoms, so they do absolutely nothing with their nape pain. Here’s the list of possible reasons for the pain in the back of the head:sharp pain in nape area

Cervical degenerative disc disease Cushioning discs of the cervical spine break down because of wear and tear. If people with this disease don’t take care of their health, they can grow deaf or blind. If they move their head rapidly, they can fall down or become unable to move, while staying conscious. This pain in the back of the head in this case is called the neck migraine.
Hypertension When people suffer from high blood pressure, their blood vessels get narrow and blood comes through in low volume. That’s why people feel throbbing pain and other accompanying symptoms, including heart hurry, nausea, weakness, dizziness. When this situation happens frequently and comes together with panic attacks and fear of death, it’s necessary to see a therapist, otherwise blood vessels will go out of order, and people can get heart attack or brain attack.
Neuralgia This disease is similar to cervical degenerative disc disease. People with neuralgia feel pain, when they move their head. The pain can spread over the closest areas. The reason for this disease is cervical radiculopathy.
Psychogenic disease Such pain is illusory, because people with psychogenic disease only imagine that they’re suffering from this pain. Their illusion is so real that they do feel some pain in their neck or head, or in their skin or hair. This illusion is caused with depression or neuroticism. When they improve their nervous system, that symptom will go away.
Vascular disease Hypertension is not the only disease that makes blood vessels get narrow. Some people have weak blood vessels, and they can go out of order because of any slight reason. Frequent stresses, panic attacks, anxiety disorder – everything can worsen blood vessels. Such people feel their blood vessels get wider and narrower all the time, and some itching on the skin of their head. An uncomfortable posture or a very soft bed can make this situation worse.

pain in nape areaSo, nape pain in the left side or in the right side can be caused with many various reasons, so it’s necessary to see a doctor and find the individual approach to that disease. It’s very important to find the real reason, because the health depends on that.


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