Numbness in Limbs – Is It a Reason to Visit a Doctor?


People with anxiety disorder suffer from so many problems, that they get used to them and don’t pay much attention to them. One of such problems is numb feeling in limbs. It’s hard to ignore this symptom, because numb legs or arms bring discomfort and make people worry about their health. This numb feeling is accompanied with the following additional symptoms:

  • numb limbsWeakness of muscles;
  • Fatigue;
  • High or low blood pressure;
  • Shivering hands and feet;
  • Inability to control ones’ movements.

People don’t feel numbness in all limbs at once. At first their arms get numb, then their legs. When arms feel numb, it’s hard to hold any objects in hands. People with this symptom get anxious and frightened. It’s well-known that numb feeling in limbs is a symptom of brain attack, cancer or some other serious diseases. So why do people with anxious disorder have this numb feeling in their limbs?

  1. Insufficient blood supply. When the blood pressure is too high, blood vessels get narrow, and the blood can’t move through them. When the blood pressure is too low, blood vessels get wide, so people can feel some numbness or shivering of their hands or feet. They feel cold and try to get warm by drinking hot tea or putting some warm clothes on, but there’s little result.
  2. Degenerative disc disease. When people with anxious disorder have some additional problems with their spine, their central nervous system doesn’t work well enough. In this case their numbness of limbs is caused with problems with intervertebral cartilages. This symptom is also accompanied with back pain.

Another reason for this feeling is the fact that people with anxious disorder frequently have panic attacks, stresses and phobias. This emotional tension causes many unpleasant symptoms, including this one. People with anxious disorder feel numbness of their feet when they’re frightened. They can also feel the following:

  • Fast heartbeat in throat;
  • numb feeling in limbsBuzzing in ears;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Heavy headedness;
  • Denudation;
  • Frequent desire to urinate;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Nausea;
  • Confused thoughts.

All those problems can be accompanied with breathing troubles, including labored breathing, choking sensation, inability to inhale or exhale.

How Can It Be Treated?

The first thing people with anxious disorder should understand is that their feeling of numbness is not at all dangerous. It’s not the symptom of some serious disease. For example, people with atherosclerotic vascular disease suffer from huge pain and extreme fatigue. People with brain attack can’t speak well enough, and people with cancer have that feeling of numbness because of chemotherapy. The second thing people with anxious disorder should understand is that it’s possible to get rid of that numb feeling of limbs. It’s necessary to do the following:

  1. in limbs numbnessTo see a therapist and find the real reasons for this symptom.
  2. To overview the food ration and eat more green vegetables and fruits, including apples, peaches.
  3. To do some exercises and have long walks;
  4. To take some medicines prescribed by the therapist, for example, some sedatives;
  5. To avoid stresses and panic attacks;
  6. To trigger and enjoy positive emotions;
  7. To get relaxed with the help of massage, shower or yoga.

So, the first thing, that you should do, is understand that feeling of numbness of limbs is a serious problem. Then you should solve it with the help of therapist and medicines. If you do everything right, you’ll forget about that numbness feeling soon enough!


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