How to Stop Thinking in Negative Way?


When people suffer from bad thoughts in head, they can’t be happy. Sometimes those thoughts are so heavy, that in head negative thoughtsdepression can suddenly come. The situation becomes more complicated, when people with constant negative ideas can’t tell anyone about them, so the only person who can help here is a therapist.

Those negative ideas haunt them for weeks and months, and it’s impossible to cope with them. People can think about anything: their enemies, troubles, fails, mistakes. Sometimes they can’t even explain, why they consider their ideas “bad”. The possible reason is their emotions that they feel while having such ideas. For example, they can feel guilt, anxiety, temptation, jealousy or something else.

What Are the Reasons?

One of widespread reasons for permanent negative thoughts in head is obsessive compulsive disorder. It can only be the beginning of this problem or some symptom of it. People with OCD have the fear of harming themselves or other people around them. They’re also afraid of suicides and have those ideas, that contradict their positive thinking. They suffer from constant battles, that happen in their heads. They try to stop them, but can’t. As a result, those ideas appear again and again, more frequently. People keep on thinking about their negative ideas, try to think about something else, but all their attempts fail. Bad thoughts in head are also accompanied with the following physical symptoms:

When people suffer from bad thoughts stuck in head, they don’t want to talk to other people, they prefer staying alone, they feel aggression towards their friends and colleagues. The reason for that behavior is the fact, that they are afraid to harm someone, so they think that they’re saving them from danger.

They’re concentrated on their rituals, and that makes them feel calm and relaxed just for a short time. But then again they’re attacked with their negative ideas.

Other Reasons

  1. negative thoughts in head treatmentPersonal character traits. Some people look at the world negatively. They’re unhappy, nothing can make them smile, they’re too sensitive and they find danger in every little thing. No wonder, they have negative thoughts, because that’s the only thoughts they can have. The reasons for such character is depression, unhappy childhood or bullying.
  2. Panic attacks and fear of death. Negative ideas frequently accompany panic attacks, especially when they’re connected with fear of death. The first panic attack in people’s lives can be connected with it, and then it always happens the same way.

Physiological symptoms are similar to symptoms of OCD and other psychological disorders.

What Can You Do Yourself?

First of all, you should understand, that it’s OK to have negative thoughts. Everyone has them. It’s not necessary to blame yourself for them. If you’re too concentrated on them, they sound more loudly in your head. But when you ignore them and think about something else.

Breathe deeply. Take several long and deep breaths. Count to 10 or 15 slowly. Do some physical exercises, have walks out of doors, listen to your favorite music. Another thing that you can do to get rid of bad thoughts is analyzing their reasons. Ask yourself a question, why your thoughts bother you. Try to have another look at that situation. Will it matter for you later, in a couple of years?

Only a therapist can help them get rid of compulsive thoughts and permanent rituals, if you can’t cope with the yourself. For example, people with OCD are explained that their compulsive thoughts have nothing to do with their true actions. They don’t really want to do something bad or dangerous, and they’re not crazy. They are also prescribed some medicines. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on hypnosis, NLP, exposition method.

It’s necessary to go to a therapist as soon as possible, because the more time your waste, the bigger trouble you’ll get. You shouldn’t be shy, because it’s important to tell them everything that is on your mind.


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