Top Causes why Heart Is Beating Fast at the Night


There are many reasons that can prevent a good sleep. Many of them are often caused by the person. Who does not like to sit late with hard rock in headphones, playing, with coffee or a delicious fried meal? However, if you observe the sleep mode and do not load yourself with anything at night, but you still feel heart beating fast in the night, it is upsetting and frightening. What is the reason? Will it last forever?

Caution: Corvalol

Sometimes the night heartbeat is just a signal of the body asking help. In fact, the pulse is frequent during the day, but fast heart beating at the nightwe are so busy that we do not feel it. And at night, when the body is relaxed and there is silence around, we suddenly realize that the heart is pounding harder than usual. It becomes impossible to sleep, because it is not clear what is happening with this vital organ. What if I have a seizure?

Many people, who face such a problem, begin to abuse Corvalol or Valocordin. Drops somewhat appease the situation, the heart begins to beat dully smoothly and you start to be sleepy. In the afternoon, when a strong heartbeat is not felt (or does not bother), you need no drops neither a doctor. So, the person delays the visit to the specialist, secretly hoping that this time it may pass, and he/she will sleep fine. But it does not.

At the same time, drug dependence is increasing. Drops on phenobarbital are dangerous because they are addictive and each time require an increase in dosage. Long – term use threatens chronic poisoning and reduced reaction to all other drugs. Imagine, one day you will need to take a life-saving pill, and it will not work.

If heart is beating fast in the night, and it happens regularly, it is necessary to identify the cause and eliminate it either on your own or with the help of a specialist.

The Reason May Be Simple

If you’re not a coffee drinker, you may feel heart racing in the night due to the following simple reasons:

  • heart beat racing at the nightFull stomach. If you like to eat at night, or drink a lot of water before going to bed, you will face this problem. A full stomach presses on the diaphragm in the supine position, and it gives rapid, intense heart beating. A hernia of the stomach can also give such an effect.
  • Lack of elements important for the heart. You may suffer from the lack of calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can easily buy all of this in any pharmacy, and the recipe is not needed. By the way, those who abuse coffee, also provoke removal of calcium from the body. It thins the blood vessels and results in loss of rhythm.
  • Stuffy room. Indeed, why not to ventilate the room before going to bed? In the summer, people often complain of tachycardia at night just because of the stuffiness.
  • Overexertion: physical or mental, and not necessarily overnight. You can get so exhausted during the day that at night the heart will let you know about it with a rapid rhythm.

If you suspect that your heart is racing in the night for one of these reasons, it is easy to eliminate these factors.

Nervous and Cardiac Causes of Strong Night Pulse

Unfortunately, in our nervous age, the heart can fail indicating that it works to wear. It may also become a “victim” of the shattered nervous system.

Reason What is happening with the heart?
Panic attack Neurotics and people with Vegetovascular dystonia know that panic attacks are able to “fix” on certain situations. This is one of the characteristics of the human psyche. Fear attracts fear. If a person once experienced a PA at night (this may not even be a PA, but an attack of tachycardia from a nightmare or overstrain) and was afraid of this sudden event, there is a risk that it will be fixed in the subconscious and will certainly return at night. An increased heartbeat just might be one of the symptoms of a raging PA. This can happen in the middle of a dream, and he will be sure: a heart attack is coming. However, it’s only the psyche, and the heart has nothing to do with it.
Cardiophobia In this situation, the patient is completely fixated on the work of his heart and is ready to listen to him non-stop. Sometimes the patient “hears” bumps and feels the changes which are not noticed by an ordinary. Therefore, causeless excitement in the heart is often associated with cardiophobia.
Heart diseases Heart diseases are not always congenital. Some of them can be evoked during the life. Such pathologies manifest themselves in different ways. Some have pronounced signs that are difficult to ignore: shortness of breath, cyanosis, inability to perform even light physical work. But sometimes a strong heartbeat at night is a sign of an impending heart disease. To eliminate the risks, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist at least once a year.

heart beating rapid at the nightQuestions about your own heart should not be left unanswered. If the heartbeat prevents you from falling asleep, you need to look for and eliminate the cause immediately. Healthy sleep and a calm heart are the most important factors of a full, prosperous life.


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