Why Does Your Head Feel Like Foggy?


It’s hard to say what a foggy head is really like, because everyone puts something unique into this phrase and feels something special. But, as a rule, all those people, whose head feels like foggy, have a couple of common symptoms.

What’s It Like?

So how do people feel, when they say that they have a foggy head? They can have difficulty in concentrating, reading or talking. Some people forget names of their new friends or some news, that they have just heard. Other people are constantly tired, distracted. They can’t work well enough, they feel irritable, lash out at their nearest and dearest, and then don’t want to talk to anyone at all! When people are feeling like their head is in a fog, they might also feel the following symptoms:

It’s hard to find some reasons for all those symptoms, so people, whose head feels like a fog, get really anxious about it.

The Main Reasons

People with anxiety disorder have numerous unpleasant symptoms and one of them is a foggy head. It’s evident that the main reason for anxiety disorder is a psychological instability and constant stresses. Because of adrenaline rush the brain can’t get enough oxygen. It’s one of the reasons, why the head feels like in a fog.

Another reason is lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep. People need from 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Some people, who constantly feel stressed or scared, suffer from insomnia, or nightmares. Even after a single night without a good sleep people feel unhappy. They can’t concentrate or remember anything.

How Can it Be treated?

If you feel a foggy head after some serious stress, you should pay attention to your mental health. A professional therapist can help you solve your psychological problems while using some methods, chosen specially for you. Some symptoms can be eliminated after solving their reasons. Here’s the list of methods, which can help here:

  • head feel like foggySystematic desensitization;
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • Psychoanalytic therapy;
  • NLP;
  • Hypnotherapy.

Antipsychotic drugs, antidepressant drugs and psycholeptic drugs can be prescribed to people with foggy head. Sometimes B-complex vitamins, calcium and magnesium can also help. It’s also possible to do the following things, when you feel that your head is in fog:

  1. foggy headGet some sleep or lie in bed in darkness. There should be fresh air in the room.
  2. Do a slight soothing self-massage of the neck.
  3. Have a walk.
  4. Open the window and get some fresh air.
  5. In case of high blood pressure have some medicine in order to lower it. In case of low blood pressure, have some coffee or tea.
  6. Get some sedative drug in case of high anxiety.

It’s necessary to remember that some things can make the feeling of a foggy head much worse, including drinking alcohol, smoking, taking some pills without prescription, long diets or overeating.

So, if you want to feel better, you should do some exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthy food, have vitamins and talk to people, who make you happy.


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