Top Reasons why Hands Shiver a Lot


People with neuroticism or angioneurotic frequently worry, that their hands shiver a lot. Sometimes this happens, when they’re not in a state of stress. It’s a serious question, why hands shake when there is no problem with health and no nervous system disorder.

Adrenaline Tricks

If you have neuroticism, or angionecrosis, or chronic stress, you should know that your nervous system only seems to be alright. What actually happens that various processes happen there and control our inner organs and systems. So, if you don’t writhe in hysterics, it doesn’t mean that your blood has no adrenaline at all!

hands shakingWhen your hands shiver a lot out of anxiety. Many creatures react to anxiety and stress in similar ways. For example, the cat’s tail shivers in a dangerous situation. And that’s a normal reaction to fear. Any creature needs much energy to run away and survive, so the body creates it itself. Adrenaline is released into blood, the heart beats faster, the blood pressure gets higher and the muscles start shivering. The whole body is ready to fight or escape. Some people have hand shaking, others have knees shaking, or jaw shaking, finger shaking, abdominal spasms.

Different people have different reactions. Some people don’t even shake facing deadly danger, and other people are so sensible, that even little adrenaline release can make their hands shiver a lot. And such people have no idea, what’s wrong with their hands. People with neuroticism, angioneurotic and hypochondria don’t feel the regular supply of adrenaline into their blood. They are used to it, so don’t pay attention to it. No wonder after frequent panic attacks and fear attacks. The same situation happens, when we get used to some scent and don’t feel it. But the body reacts to adrenaline supply perfectly well. You can be relaxed and sleeping, but your heart rate can be high.

Causes of Shaky Hands

If your hands get shaky when nervous, but the doctors say that you have absolutely no problem with your health, then you should pay attention to your psychological state. So what factors can cause hand tremor?

Factor Reason Process
You constantly suppress your emotions. Any stress can become a reason for adrenaline supply, which makes your body ready to fight. You body doesn’t care about the reason for adrenaline supply. It can be public speaking, job interview or a date. Your body has its own reactions. So, if you very well understand that such events are no reasons for escaping, you won’t explain it to your body. You have to suppress all the energy that your body has prepared for escaping or fighting. But sometimes the tension shows itself in hands tremor. The more cold-blooded you want to look, the more tension you have to suppress. Your hands shake really hard.
Psychogenetic tremor If people with neuroticism pay their attention to their hands and try to understand their state, no wonder, they won’t consider them as a part of their body. They can feel their hands shake, but the truth is that it’s only their illusion. The more you concentrate on this or that organ of your body, the more you feel it. You can do the following experiment. You’ll be surprised that you can start this or that feeling in your body with the power of your thought. So, when your hands shake, try to concentrate on other organs of yours or do something else to forget about your hands.
Consequences of authoritarian parenting Sometimes parents make their child sit still, become obedient and serious. They punish him or her for slightest noise or sound. As a result, this child has to suppress all their energy and it shows itself through hands tremor. The same problem happens to the people who try to suppress their emotions in order to look serious and reserved. They think that this illusion will help them in their life and career. But the result is the same as we’ve seen in the previous situation. The true self will eventually be seen through hand tremor.
Too much coffee People with angioneurosis, neuroticism and panic attacks are sensitive to caffeine, because it’s the strong stimulant. Sometimes it’s so strong, that it starts hand tremor. If your hands start trembling after you’ve drunk some coffee, it’s a dangerous symptom. You may have some problems with your heart, or your CNS is out of order. You surely should go see a doctor!

hands shiver constantlyIf you don’t want to see a doctor or a therapist right now, you can try some relaxation method or get rid of your adrenaline. If you ignore your hand tremor and concentrate on something else, adrenaline will influence your body less. You may as well pace the room or keep your hands in warm water for a couple of minutes.

If those methods don’t work and your hands keep on shivering, you surely should see a doctor!


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