Hand Tremor – Is It Dangerous?


Job interview, fright, first date or too heavy bags… Everyone has ever had hand tremor. But it can sometimes happen without any particular reason. It seems to be some health disorder. It’s normal to worry about that, because hand tremor can happen not only because of some mental or physical tension. Sometimes it’s a symptom of some serious illness.

It’s Important to Know the Reason for Hand Tremor

Even forehead acne can have different reasons and need different treatment. Not to speak of hand tremor. Let’s compare hand tremor of senior people, small children and alcohol-addicts. Those people surely need different treatment.

First of all, we should find out what reasons cause that tremor: physiological or pathological. The first category embraces “harmless” factors: a person may have had too much stress, or may have been trying to pass a thread through the eye of a needle too long, or may have been throwing darts, or may have drunk too much coffee, or may have got overheat or cold. But the same category embraces much more serious reasons: depression, drug intolerance or nervous breakdown. Those factors are considered functional and they can be treated. Sometimes flapping hand tremor stops itself, but if it doesn’t within 15 days, then it’s necessary to see a doctor. The second category of reasons embraces some serious disorders, that must be treated immediately. The table below shows the list of reasons and symptoms of hand tremor.

Physiological Factors

Factor Symptoms
Sensibility Due to their sensibility, some people may feel quivering sensation in their hands, knees, abdomen, jaw. It often goes with rapid pulse, agitation, pressure jumps, muscle hypertonia, irritation, tearfulness, facial redness.
Hypothermia The hand tremor due to hypothermia is similar to the one due to excessive agitation, but in this case the person also feels cardiac rhythm disorder, yawning, discomfort.
Too much coffee The hand tremor here is connected with muscle tension. The whole body may shiver, sometimes the person may even feel that their hair is shivering too. The tremor is slight and it stops itself.
Medicine intolerance The hand tremor is prominent here, it can even turn into spasms. The person may feel nausea, cardiac rhythm disorder, vomiting, dizziness, hives, pressure jumps.
Stress Flapping hand tremor is quite prominent here. It goes together with shivering of abdominal muscles and legs, death anxiety and pressure jumps, pounding heart and cold hands and feet. If the person moves actively, that tremor gets more prominent.
Physical activity The person feels fatigue, heat in hands and feet, rapid pulse. The hand tremor may remain for several days without all the other symptoms.

Pathological Factors

Toxication Hand tremor and foot shaking look like vibration, which is not prominent, but they are felt quite well by the person. Apart from them, the person has paleness, pulse in temples, hyperhidrosis.
Parkinson disease Hand tremor is prominent, while the person with Parkinson disease is at rest, but when they move, it stops. Sometimes the person has tremor in the hands, feet, head and chin.
Abstinence symptom Sometimes the whole body shivers. The person may also have high blood pressure, nausea, rapid pulse, labored breathing, fatigue, headache, intestinal issues.
Problems with supramental capsules Due to problems with hormonal secretion the person has fever and tremor in the hands, head and the whole body. The person has a sharp thirst and swallowing difficulty. He or she has pain in muscles and intestinal canal, decreased appetite. The person is irritated and frightened.
Brain system disorders Apart from hand tremor there are other serious disorders, which are very prominent. The person can touch their nose with their eyes closed. Sometimes there can be asymmetry of movements of face and body muscles. Headache, nausea, loop of coordination frequently accompany the brain system disorders.
Alzheimer disease Apart from hand tremor people with Alzheimer disease have progressive memory loss and slow brainwork degradation.
Multilocular sclerosis Hand tremor is rhythmed, muscles move back and forth. The tremor can be either low, or prominent.
Tick-borne encephalitis Hand tremor starts some time later, not immediately. It looks like convulsions. People may have muscles pain and risk of paralyzes.
Anemia Fingernails have faint blueish color and flake. People also suffer from hair loss and cacogeusia: they want to smell acetone and gasoline, chew ash. They also have fatigue and paleness.

hand tremor causesTIP. It’s possible to say physiological factors from pathological ones with the help of the following method. Lift a heavy object and hold it in your hands for a while. If your hand tremor fades away, it means that you have physiological factors, which can be easily removed (except for hand tremor, natural for senior people).


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