Feeling of Tightness in Throat – What Does Symptom Mean?


Dysautonomia is known to thousands of people. It’s clear that its reasons are some severe psychological problems, that express themselves in the health. People, who have constant stress, always feel some pain or strange sensations in their body. For example, they can have some feeling of tightness in their throat, and it’s a real symptom, common for people with dysautonomia. It’s not pleasant, so when they feel it, they get so much scared, that they’re sure that something awful is happening to them. They try to get rid of that symptom at all costs.

Dysautonomia Vs Throat

Psychogenic diseases are caused with psychological disorders, but they greatly influence the internal organs. That’s why people think that there’s something wrong with their physical and not psychological health. For example, they have that sensation of tightness in the throat as if they have a tight collar on or they’re sick, and suffer from dysphagia or laryngitis. But it’s hard for them to explain to a doctor what exactly they feel. It’s the same way people, who think they have some problems with their heart, can’t explain, what pain exactly they feel. So, when people have feeling of tightness in throat, they also have the following symptoms:

Those symptoms show that the true reasons for feeling of tightness in the throat are psychological and not physical. Another signal is the fact, that people don’t have that sensation constantly. As a rule, in the morning, when they wake up, they don’t have it. They can even forget about it. But the minute they remember that they had that feeling yesterday, it comes back to them immediately. It means that such people consider that symptom as something awful, threatening to their life, and that’s why it’s become constant, compulsive.

The True Reasons

The tight sensation in throat appears and stays the following way.

  1. feeling of tightness in throat treatmentThe first fear of asphyxia comes during the first panic attack to young people. At that moment they don’t know anything about dysautonomia, so they couldn’t predict that it would happen to them. They remember that feeling of terror, and connect it with asphyxia. They expect that feeling to repeat in their following panic attacks. Their fear is so strong, that the first thing they do during panic attacks at night is touching their neck.
  2. The regular stresses, common for all people with dysautonomia, make that fear stronger. The slightest problem is accompanied with that unpleasant symptom, because people are so scared of that. They begin to think about their throat, and their brain sends signals to its muscles, and they begin to tighten. As a result, people get that unpleasant sensation, that they’re used to.
  3. The more people think about that sensation, the more frequently they get it. As a result, they have a serious neuroticism. They can’t live normally, because any scarf, any cup of hot tea, any movement of their head brings that sensation back and puts them into depression.

What Can Help?

  • tightness in throatYou should understand that nothing threatens your life. All problems are only in your head. You should stay calm and confident and your problem will go away. If you’re still nervous, you should go to a doctor and have a full medical examination. You’ll see that your health is totally OK or you have сervical degenerative disc disease, that can be a reason for some strange sensations.
  • When you feel that sensation coming, think about something else as soon as possible. You can think about another part of your body, for example, about your ice cold fingers. If you imagine that your fingers are getting warmer, you will relax and forget about your throat.
  • Go to a therapist. That unpleasant sensation in your throat can be caused with your panic attacks or some other reasons, that you don’t remember. The therapist will help you remember your childhood, the events that you’ve forgotten. And then you’ll get free from that problem.
  • The tight sensation in your throat can show you that you’re too tired and need some rest. Change your lifestyle. Quit smoking. Have long walks. Sleep long. Eat well. All that can help you.

If you want to remove your unpleasant problem, you should try all the possible things.


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