Feeling Like something Bad Will Happen – What Does It Mean?


Many people have that uncomfortable feeling like something bad will happen and change all their lives. Such anxious thoughts influence their mental and physical health. Almost all people with anxiety disorder have had this sensation once or twice in their lives, and some people feel it frequently. It starts panic attacks or uncontrolled fears.

What Should You Do?

If you have that sensation once or twice, not very often, you can try and cope with it yourself, without any help. That’s what you can do:

  • feeling like something bad is going to happenOne of the most effective ways to win this unpleasant sensation is positive thinking. It means that if you feel like something bad is going to happen, you should try and find some positive emotions. It’s up to you what you choose to do: talk to your friends, do physical exercises outdoors, or walk in the fresh air. Don’t expect that your negative and anxious thoughts will disappear immediately. You need some time to make changes, and the stronger your anxiety is, the longer you should wait.
  • Another good method of removing negative emotions and predictions is the ability to live here and now, enjoy the current moment. Try not to think about all the failures, that can happen to you in the future. Even if you have many serious problems, there’s a chance that you will solve them soon. So, hope for the best!
  • Don’t focus on your problems too much, don’t complain about them to anyone, who’s around you. The more attention you pay to your problems, the bigger they will seem to you. Soon you’ll see absolutely nothing good and your life will turn into a nightmare. There’s no wonder that you will  feel like something bad is going to happen all the time.

It’s evident that you should cope with this problem. Otherwise this constant anxiety will be followed by those unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Heart hurry;
  2. High blood pressure;
  3. feeling like something bad will happen causesDiarrhea;
  4. Urinary frequency;
  5. Constant headaches;
  6. Sleepy disorder;
  7. Apathy;
  8. Melancholy;
  9. Impatience;
  10. Restlessness;
  11. Uneasiness;
  12. Squeezing sensation in the neck;
  13. Aggression;
  14. Confusion in thoughts;
  15. Panic attacks.
If you can’t cope with predicting something bad will happen yourself, you should see a therapist, and do it as soon as possible. The earlier you get the professional help, the faster you will solve this trouble.

Therapist’s Assistance

Therapist can use several various methods, including the following:

  • feeling like something bad will happen treatmentStroop interference;
  • Dream interpretation;
  • Normal behavior;
  • Resistance and transference.

Psychoanalytic methods are used by therapists, who analyze the early life of their clients. They get deep insights during the therapy. It means that they suddenly understand something important about their problem and its reasons.

The therapists, who follow behavioral approach, use the following methods: systematic desensitization, positive and negative reinforcement, patterning. The therapist’s goal is reinforcement, or suppression, or creating new reactions of the clients so that they get rid of their anxiety and feeling that something bad is going to happen. The clients learn to act in the present and destroy their wrong behavioral stereotypes. This approach can help people remove their irrational fears.

The therapists, who follow humanistic approach, use such methods as dialogue, experiments, dramatization and psychodrama. Their goal is to help their clients express themselves. The clients are surrounded with the atmosphere of absolute support, so they feel relaxed and express themselves physically and spiritually. Some therapists use methods from various approaches and combine them

Constant anxiety without any reason is a serious problem, and if you ignore it, you will feel worse and worse. Some people don’t pay attention to this unpleasant sensation, they don’t think that they need any help. They’re sure that it will disappear itself sooner or later, but instead, it turns into panic attacks or irrational fear.

That’s why you should pay attention to your mental health, find serious problems and solve them as soon as possible.


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