How to Deal with Fear of Fire?


Panic fear of fire is called pyrophobia. A person suffering from this disorder experiences an irrational fear of burning in a fire, getting burned, or becoming a witness to an event one way or another connected with fire.

Causes and Symptoms

There are 4 main causes of fear:

  • fear of fire in adultsIn most cases, the fear is caused by experienced shocks associated with fire. For example, there was a fire in the house, and the man miraculously survived. Or there is a car accident, in which car caught fire. Various natural disasters, wars, explosions – all this can also trigger the emergence of fear. It is worth noting that the development of phobias do not necessarily have to be the victims – the most of people quite observation from the outside.
  • Too impressionable person may be afraid of fire due heard from anyone sad stories on this topic, heavy film with a bad end, their own conjectures.
  • The roots of the fear of fire can go far in the past. For example, a child accidentally burned himself and experienced a strong fright. As an adult, a person may not even remember this situation, but, nevertheless, have a strong fear of fire.
  • Persistent stresses and depressions can lead to obsessive thoughts and fears. A person experiencing regular psychological stress can catch on the idea of fire that has accidentally slipped through his head and bring it to an enormous scale.

It is necessary to distinguish between irrational and natural fear. Fear of fires and all that is connected with them, – it is only natural for any human being. A phobia is in the case when the form of anxiety is not adequate to the existing fear of fire overcomingsituation and is not associated with a real danger. So, a phobic person can stay awake all night, worrying that a fire is about to happen in the house, and paint horrifying pictures in his imagination. Pyrophobia makes a person constantly check whether the electrical appliances and gas are turned off in the apartment. Patients often search for information about where and when fires occurred, how many people were injured, how many buildings were burned.

The physiological symptoms of fear are shortness of breath, feeling of suffocation, accelerated heart rate, excessive sweating, constriction in the neck, heat in the face, nervous trembling throughout the body, diarrhea. If the problem is not solved, the condition can deteriorate considerably – to pyrophobia join other disorders. For example, a patient may experience aerophobia, since air crashes are accompanied by fires. Claustrophobia can also develop – due to the risk of not getting out of a cramped room in case of a building fire.

Any phobias should be treated at psychotherapeutic sessions. Independently tune in to positive changes and change your own negative attitudes only if the problem has not yet reached a difficult stage.

How to Deal with It?

Pathological fear of fire, like any other phobia, can help eliminate a specialist practicing cognitive-behavioral therapy. The task of the psychotherapist in this case is programming, reinforcement, suppression or the formation of behavioral responses to eliminate anxiety and fear. The main techniques of the approach are:

  1. systematic desensitization;
  2. positive and negative reinforcement;
  3. modeling.

Specialist helps the patient to change maladaptive behavior adaptive, with the result that the problem will be solved.

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, the hypnosis method or NLP can help. Thus, in the course of hypnotherapy with the help of trance, the specialist changes the patient’s negative attitudes to positive ones, due to which fear is completely eliminated. Neuro-linguistic programming involves the study of the root causes of fear and the joint definition of goals to be achieved in the course of work. Often the patient is prescribed medication to help alleviate the symptoms. Some experts suggest the patient to answer the following questions to solve the problem:

  • fear of fire in kidsWhat may happen if a fire would start?
  • Why does fire provoke strong fear in me?
  • What happens if I make a fire?
  • Why do I think fire is scary?
  • when did i start to fear fire?

It is assumed that the patient’s answers will help to find out the root cause of fear, to bring him to the realization of the problem, as well as help determine the tasks for further work.

You can try to eliminate the fear of fire yourself with the help of positive emotions, interesting activities, sports, and communication with friends and family. It should be noted that the methods listed are suitable only if the fear is manifested not too pronounced. Do not postpone the solution to the problem for later – even minor fears at any time can turn into serious fear.


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