Face Is Burning – How to Understand the Appearance of the Symptom?


Many of us have ever felt, that their face is burning, when in anger, ashamed or in love. But not many of us have this feeling suddenly, without any reason. It can be a symptom of vasomotor dyscrasia, that’s why people with this nervous system disorder look helpless and frightened. They simply can’t understand what’s going on with them, and what symptoms they have at the moment.

There are numerous reasons, why people with vasomotor dyscrasia have that burning sensation, but all of them can be explained in the context of physiology.

Fast Facts about Burning Sensation

People with vasomotor dyscrasia always think that something awful is going on with them. There can be so many reasons, why their face is burning and red, and they don’t have to be connected with their nervous system disorder. For example, they can have a fever or thyroid disorder, which is also characterized with excessive sweat and fast heart rate. The anxiety disorder can be described with some subtle symptoms, and it’s not easy to find out their reasons. That’s why such people are sure that their face keeps burning up all the time. Since their skin is not transparent, they can’t face is burning upcheck the work of their blood vessels or hypothalamus.

Skin disorder Blood vessels of people with vasomotor dyscrasia are constantly unstable, and that’s the reason for precocious aging of their skin and inner organs. As a result, the slightest irritatory agent can cause the feeling as their skin is burning. Harmful products, infectious diseases, inflammatory processes can make this symptom worse.
Heart disorders, blood vessels disorders, hypertension People with vasomotor dyscrasia feel that their face is burning up, and this can be caused with their cardiovascular system disorders. When their blood is high, they feel headache, nausea, derealization, abnormal heart rhythms. In this case it’s better to go see a doctor. High blood pressure can be too dangerous and be a reason for heart attack or brain attack. That’s why people with anxiety disorder need vascular screening. People with degenerative disc disease or muscles spasms suffer from poor circulation, because their blood vessels are under pressure. That’s why their face is burning, and they have that burning sensation all over their body, face and neck.
Adrenaline rush When people have panic attacks, their blood vessels get narrower, and the blood flows to their brain and heart. At that moment their state of consciousness is altered, and their perception is changed. That’s why they can feel that their skin is burning, especially forehead. They have a feeling, that they are having a fever.
Sensitive nervous system People with vasomotor dyscrasia suffer from unpredictable symptoms, so it’s impossible to explain them. They can even change in the course of time. For example, their nervous system can become too sensitive after all those numerous stresses, panic attacks, blood pressure jumps. Such people constantly have that burning sensation. What’s more, they can’t sleep well, suffer from constant fears. Sometimes they don’t understand why they’re scared, but their nervous system is already in trouble. Some people feel burning sensation every morning or every evening, so some kind of schedule is created.
Constant stress When face is burning because of anger or shame, it’s usual. People are stressed, their blood vessels are pressed and much blood flows to their head. But some people suffer from psychological disorders, which are not shown. Sometimes people who look quite calm suddenly have burning sensation and their face looks red. Such people may be unaware of that. Some stress, received in childhood, can cause red face.

face is burning constantlyStatistically speaking, burning sensation is not a very dangerous symptom. The only exclusion is high blood pressure, when red face can be a symptom of hypertonia. That’ s why it’s necessary to take care for the health.


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