Can Panic Attacks Cause Diarrhea?


Frequent defecation is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon that prevents a person from conducting normal daily activities. Very often the cause of diarrhea is fear, stressful situation, as well as severe psychological stress. Diarrhea after panic attack can not only provoke many other unpleasant physiological symptoms, but also make a person to panic even more. Liquid stool, as a rule, does not indicate the presence of any dangerous disease, but patients may not know this and worry seriously about health.

How Is Diarrhea Related to Fear?

Often a person suffers from altered defecation pattern due to stress and anxiety. It can be both short-term excitement, and the tightened nervous disorders. The fact is that in case a stressful situation, the sensitivity of the intestine significantly increases, making peristalsis too active. Liquid stool most often occurs in people suffering from vascular dystonia and experiencing panic attacks. Of great importance here are also the personal characteristics of patients, namely: suspiciousness, excessive susceptibility, tendency to dramatize. Often diarrhea scares people, and they begin to suspect a particular disease, which only exacerbates the situation. As a result, the intestinal habit cannot come back to the norm for a long time. In this case, the patient may experience dizziness, fever or chills, trembling in the body, pressure jumps and pain in the chest area. Diarrhea after panic attack can be accompanied by several more symptoms.

  1. diarrhea caused by panic attackNausea. In some cases, vomiting may occur.
  2. Abdominal distention.
  3. Distortion of passage of flatus. Sometimes the abdomen is a kind of “rumbling”.
  4. Stomach cramps.
  5. General weakness, lethargy.

In most cases, the urge to empty the intestines occur during meals or immediately after them (often during breakfast or later), but can occur at any time of the day. This circumstance prevents a person from conducting normal daily activities.

Therapy and Prevention

Diarrhea usually stops bothering the patient after effective work with a therapist. To reduce the symptoms severity on your own, it is necessary to pay attention to such things as a special diet and frequency of meals. Diet with liquid stool involves the exclusion of products that lead to irritation of the gastric mucosa from the diet. You need to eat small diarrhea when panic attackportions 5 or 6 times a day. You should not eat products that provoke a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and increased gas formation. Psychotropic drugs are effective in diarrhea, but they should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist.

For the general improvement of the condition it is necessary to learn how to organize your daily routine properly. Take enough time to sleep, try to sleep in the fresh air and exercise more often. To reduce stress, it is recommended to take decoctions of medicinal herbs (mint, Melissa, motherwort). With severe diarrhea, you can take remedies (Tetracycline, Loperamide and others) or drink strong tea with sugar. If diarrhea is not too acute, you should refrain from taking medication. In case when diarrhea caused by panic attack is accompanied by pain, you should do the following:

  • try to relax as much as possible, breathe deeply and exhale several times;
  • lightly massage the area where pain is manifested;
  • take Baralgin or Spazmalgon.

Do not forget that some habits or actions can significantly complicate the treatment process and worsen the condition. diarrhea from panic attackAmong them are:

  1. lack of physical activity (or strenuous exercise);
  2. smoking, frequent alcohol consumption;
  3. long-term use of antibiotics or other drugs of strong action;
  4. self-medication, uncontrolled use of medicines;
  5. exhausting diets, fasting (or overeating);
  6. lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body.
Such symptoms as increased spasms in the abdomen, shortness of breath, feeling of choking, nausea and retching may indicate deterioration in the condition.

Remember that physical and mental health are interconnected. Psychological well-being is an excellent prevention of many negative physiological manifestations. Diarrhea from panic attack is directly related to the state of mind, but with regular violations of the intestinal habit, accompanied by spasms and other unpleasant symptoms, you should undergo a medical examination.


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