Can’t Take a Deep Breath in – what Does the Symptom Indicate?


A person can seem fearless, but the feeling of lack of air will cause panic in any daredevil. However, the feeling of lack of oxygen is not always real. Perhaps the brain only experiences the illusion and sends the body false signals. But why do we think that there is a lack of air, or we have forgotten how to breathe correctly?

Fear of Death Is the Core of the Problem

Very often nervous people, persons suffering from Vegetovascular dystonia, neurotics and alarmists feel like they can’t take a deep breath in. Of course, physiological causes of symptom come to mind first. Hypochondriacs immediately begin to consider themselves asthmatics or cancer patients. The fear of possible death from suffocation becomes so strong that a person could no longer pull himself together. Typical manifestations of respiratory problems in a person with a nervous disorder are:

  1. can't take a deep breathThe symptom does not have a schedule. It can appear when the patient thinks about it. Yes, it happens that sitting at a laptop in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea, a person suddenly “remembers that he cannot breathe.” And the respiratory system immediately reacts properly. Lungs feel like shrinking and don’t want to work.
  2. Each time the patient can’t take a deep breath in is accompanied by an uncontrollable fear of death, panic, heart palpitations, and sometimes the rise of blood pressure. The symptom is often associated with the release of adrenaline and can even become a harbinger of a panic attack, during which it will make itself felt in full power.
  3. The patient is not able to describe his feelings correctly. Yes, the person can’t get a deep breath in, the air does not completely pass into the lungs (or maybe not entirely goes out, and therefore there is no place for a new portion). The patient wants to yawn or cough deeper, but nothing comes out or it turns out with great effort. The person panics, imagining that he is about to be unable to breathe.

The fear only increases the symptoms, driving the patient into a vicious circle. Sometimes the condition can haunt a person for months, driving into depression and turning into a homeboy, who no one wants to understand.

How to Help Yourself to Learn to Breathe Again?

Having read lots of medical sites about severe pulmonary pathologies, the patient could not think adequately. If you understand that the main cause of respiratory disorders is stress, you can quickly eliminate the symptom. The main problems why the patient can’t get a deep breath without yawning are:

  1. can't make a deep breathHyperventilation of lungs. Put your lips together in a thin tube. Put the palm on the abdomen. Inhale slowly, count to 10, and exhale slowly. Perform this for 3-5 minutes. Take a paper bag (or use your hands) and breathe inside. It may seem that the air is not enough, but it is normal. This is how to restore your oxygen-carbon dioxide ratio.
  2. Respiratory neurosis. It all depends on if you are ready to change your attitude to the problem. It is necessary to understand: you will not die from the lack of air. Unfortunately, not all patients have enough willpower to start changing their thoughts. Then the therapist will come to the rescue. In some cases, conversations are not enough, and medicines are required.


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