What Does Blocked Ears Indicate?


People with vasomotor dyscrasia frequently suffer from various problems with their heart, blood vessels, digestive tract, ears. Their disease makes them think that nothing can ever help them. Sometimes they can’t understand the reasons for their malaise. If their panic attacks and fluctuating blood pressure can be explained with their adrenaline rush, so why do they suffer from popped ears too much? This symptom is so troublesome that people think they have brain tumor or schizophrenia. So what is the reason for blocked ears?

Reasons and Consequences

There can be natural reasons for this symptom, so people with no health problems can have it sometimes. This can happen when they’ve been listening to loud music or when they don’t care for their ears hygiene. Sometimes it can be caused with infections, inflammation or lack of some essential elements in their body. As soon as this problem is solved, ear fullness is gone.

People with vasomotor dyscrasia can suffer from blocked ears and headache caused with other factors. They can think they have brain cancer, but in fact they only have earwax blockage. But still people with vasomotor dyscrasia are considered people with hypochondria as well, so they pay attention to every little symptom and won’t let earwax blocked ears and headacheblockage remain in their ears. So, their diagnosis is the only reason for their ear fullness.

Reasons for ear fullness What happens inside?
Adrenaline (panic attacks) During adrenaline rush the nervous system is under great pressure and blood vessels get narrowed. The result is tinnitus (tympanophonia), which transforms into ear fullness, because inner ear irritation together with poor circulation make people suffer from popped ears too much. If people with vasomotor dyscrasia have long panic attacks or adrenaline rush, they can have ear fullness for a long time.
Vasomotor dyscrasia People with vasomotor dyscrasia suffer from the fact that their bodies simply can’t work well enough. They have frequent blood pressure jumps, poor circulation, their blood vessels get pressed and then relaxed. This is the reason for various disorders, including ear fullness. Sometimes it can hide some other problems, for example, vascular spasm.
Psychogenic symptoms As magicians can make it rain, so people with vasomotor dyscrasia can make themselves feel something terrible with the help of unconscious responses. They can make themselves believe that they have something wrong in their head and their ears can’t hear well enough, so their brain believes it and such people begin to hear badly. They begin to check how well or badly they hear. They touch their ears, make excursive movements. They even can trigger neuroticism.
Nervous breakdown, CNS disorders People with vasomotor dyscrasia suffer from ear fullness because of their central nervous system disorders. They conceive stimuli brighter than usual. Their hair cells respond chaotically and their signals are understood as ear fullness. The result can be auditory nerve damage, so people can feel one of their ears blocked.
Hypertension People with high blood pressure suffer from blood vessels spasms, posterior auricular arteries don’t allow blood to move towards the brain. So they can feel ear fullness because of that.

popped earsEar fullness is not an independent disease, it’s only a symptom of some other disorders. That’s why eardrops are useless here. It’s better to improve life, get rid of caffeine, cigarettes, loud music during many hours, and then ear fullness will be gone without any doctors. But if there’re some serious disorders, it’s dangerous to ignore them. It’s necessary to see a doctor to make sure that there are no problems with ears.


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