A Feeling of Tightness in the Neck – What Could It Be?


The expression “strangling grief” or “strangling fear” did not appear out of the blue. Since ancient times people knew about the connection of vegetative nervous system and somatics. Every person has been convinced more than once in his life: when the soul becomes restless, then the throat feels discomfort. There is a squeezing sensation in neck because of mental adversity. But people tend to distort their symptoms and believe in the bad at first. If something presses in the throat, then it is certainly cancer or some stuck piece of food that is about to bring to suffocation. How to identify the true cause of this squeezing sensation?

Psychosomatics of Your Neck

Psychogenic disorders do not concern the organs at all, but it seems to a person that the body is in danger. This is not surprising, because the compressed neck is often accompanied by other conditions:

  1. squeezing in neckfeeling of lack of oxygen;
  2. a deep desire to yawn;
  3. anxiety, suspiciousness,
  4. fear of death;
  5. increase in blood pressure;
  6. pulse in temple;
  7. the feeling of congestion/heart beating in the throat;
  8. cold limbs;
  9. the sense of foreboding or death;
  10. irritability to loved ones and doctors.

Often, the alarmist is not able to tell the doctor exactly how his neck bothers him. There is something like a tight collar or a feeling of stuffiness, like when having a cold. The patient often feels the neck, pulls the collar, trying to ease his breath. Sometimes he tries to feel the state of the tonsils and pharynx with his finger, checking whether there is a tumor.

When asked in detail about the condition, the patient agrees that squeeze in the neck is not felt constantly, but periodically. As a rule, there is no such feeling in the morning, but during the day it is “remembered” and again makes itself felt. Sometimes people are even afraid of swallowing food, and feel uncomfortable to speak.

You should remember: if the cause is a tumor or other organic disease, the feeling of squeeze in the neck is constant. “Nervous” neck is a reflexogenic symptom, which in the subconscious of the patient is depicted as a dangerous situation and has an obsessive form of manifestation. That is why in the morning, when the brain has not woken up yet, the neck feels good. As soon as the activation of all psychological processes starts, the symptom returns.

Causes of “Nervous” Neck

Factor Manifestation
Phobia of suffocation Such a phobia usually occurs in acute PA, when a person (usually at a young age) takes hyperventilation of the lungs for real suffocation. The strongest panic before the imaginary death is fixed in the subconscious and then manifests itself as somatic symptoms, one of which is a squeezing feeling in neck. The patient constantly feels that the neck is squeezed by a tight collar or hoop, or the airways are narrowed and interfere with full breathing. Phobia can develop into a respiratory neurosis, depriving the patient of a normal joyful life and forcing him to check his breathing every minute and feel his neck.
Panic attack With PA, there is such an unpleasant symptom as hyperventilation of the lungs. It violates the proportion of carbon dioxide in the blood, and it seems to the alarmist that the end is about to come. The patient feels like he will not be able to breathe. In fact, there is plenty of oxygen in the body, but its incorrect proportion with carbon dioxide makes a person suffocate. It can manifest itself as a feeling of stuffiness of the throat or pressure on the neck.
Vegetovascular dystonia and regular stress With Vegetovascular dystonia, the symptoms are so individual that it is impossible to describe a single sample of how the patient feels. From constant stress, the neck muscles tense, and it complements the symptoms. The patient is sure that something is really wrong with the neck. Sometimes it seems to a person that the neck is squeezed from the sides, and sometimes the pressure comes from the vertebral column or from the inside of the throat. The more the patient fixates on his neck, the stronger the symptoms are.

tightness in neckDespite the absence of organic pathologies, examination is still required to calm the nerves. As soon as the patient is convinced that the body is all right, half of his suffering will come to naught. Thus it will be possible to seriously engage in the treatment of the nervous system and the correction of their lifestyle.


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