Is It Possible to Overcome Panic Attacks at Night?


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Actually, a panic attack is unpleasant at any time of day and night, but when it happens at night, when it’s dark around, we’re scared much more, than in daytime. Many people are afraid of darkness, they become anxious at night, that’s why their tension increases. They worry about their health instead of sleeping, especially when they suffer from insomnia.


So, what can be the reasons for panic attacks at night? Let’s look at them.

  1. Negative thoughts. When people go to bed, they become trapped in negative and anxious thinking. It’s panic attacks at night causescommon for very sensitive people, and those, who have insomnia all the time. When they’re unable to fall asleep, the only thing that they do at night is reflecting over their life, fails and problems. Actually, this negative thinking is the reason for insomnia, and not the result of it. People can remember the fails and mistakes that happened many years ago, but still they keep on blaming themselves for them. All those bad thoughts make their hear beat faster, their blood pressure rise up, and here comes a panic attack.
  2. Phobias. When people are scared of darkness and can’t do anything with their fear, they get panic attacks at night. Sometimes those people don’t turn off the light before going to bed, because they prefer sleeping, when it’s not dark around. But there can be problems with turning on the light at night. First of all, people with fear of darkness, can spend a night or two far away from home. For example, at a hotel or somewhere else with darkness at night. Secondly something can get wrong with the electricity, and those people can be unexpectedly surrounded by darkness. That’s when their panic attack can become harder than usual. The same anxiety is common for people who are afraid of death. They think that darkness has much in common with death, that’s why they’re having a panic attack at night.

It’s connected with the following symptoms:

People, who are having a panic attack every night, shouldn’t stay alone at home at that period, otherwise they can feel much worse. When they don’t know how to cope with this problem, there must be someone next to them, in order to help them and distract them from their negative thinking.

What Can Help?

It’s possible to get rid of panic attacks, but only a professional therapist can help here. It’s possible to combine necessary medicines with therapy. Therapist helps such people understand the real reason for their panic attacks, cope with their symptoms, and use some special techniques to get rid of them. It’s important to control the panic attack and prevent it from increasing. Therapist can recommend such methods as cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation, breathing exercises, hypnosis and some others.

It’s possible to get rid of panic attacks with the help of special medicines, but it’s not good to get used to them. Because people become absolutely helpless without them, and it’s dangerous. Therapy sessions can last for 3 or 6 months, but sometimes a year is necessary for overcoming this problem.

If you don’t want to go to a therapist, you can try to switch your attention, when you feel that your panic attack is panic attacks every nightapproaching you at night. You should totally concentrate on your breathing. Exhale longer than you inhale. Count seconds of your inhaling and exhaling. Think about something positive, remember some pleasant event, that happened to you. Don’t take any medicines without asking a doctor or a therapist, because a wrong pill can make you feel much worse.

There’s something that you can do in order to prevent your panic attacks from coming at night. Sleep well and long, have walks outside, do some physical exercises, quit smoking and eat healthy food. There’s another thing that you should remember. Your negative thinking is the reason for your panic attacks. When you think about something good and pleasant, you can stop them.


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