Panic Attacks after Childbirth – True or Excuse for mother?


Women with anxiety disorder frequently suffer from panic attacks after childbirth. This symptom is connected with postpartum depression, which means mood swings, bouts of unexpected crying, inability of sleep and other unpleasant troubles.

Possible Reasons

Depression is always accompanied with stress. Postpartum depression is a double stress, because a woman has to take care of the baby and she has no time for herself. Another reason for this state is hormonal changes, that happen during pregnancy and after childbirth. When a woman is constantly in stress situation, her level of anxiety rises greatly and she can’t control it. Sometimes a woman has postpartum anxiety instead of postpartum depression. Those two troubles are different, but some women suffer from postpartum depression together with panic attacks. This trouble can be caused with the following reasons:

  • panic attacks after childbirth treatmentPregnancy complications. The following complications can cause postpartum depression and panic attacks: threatened miscarriage, early birth, toxicopathy, long hospital stays, multiple constraints.
  • Labor complications. When the baby’s life was in danger, the mother keeps on worrying about her health and safety. She won’t be able to forget that awful event for a long time.
  • Gap between expectation and reality. When a pregnant woman imagines her beautiful future life together with her husband and her baby, she will find out that the reality differs greatly from her expectations. Some too sensitive women have postpartum depression, because it’s really hard to take care of a newborn baby.

If the woman had anxiety disorder before her pregnancy, she’ll probably suffer from panic attacks after childbirth. She will also have postpartum anxiety and other complications.

How Does it Feel?

The following symptom can show that a woman suffers from anxiety and panic attacks after childbirth:

  • Frequent mood swings (a woman feels melancholy, nervousness, anxiety for no clear reason);
  • Frequent negative reactions;
  • Frustration;
  • panic attacks after childbirth causesLow self-esteem;
  • Inconfidence;
  • Inability to understand what should be done;
  • Absent-mindedness;
  • Forgetfulness;
  • Inability to concentrate;
  • Constant tiredness;
  • Anergy;
  • Lack of interest;
  • Fearfulness;
  • Indecision;
  • Frequent tears;
  • OCD;
  • Sleep disorder;
  • Insomnia;
  • Negative thoughts about the baby;
  • Unwillingness to take care about the baby.

Panic attacks after childbirth are accompanied with the following symptoms:

  1. panic attacks after childbirth helpHigh blood pressure;
  2. Rapid heartbeat;
  3. Numbness of hands and feet;
  4. Frequent urination;
  5. Diarrhea;
  6. Headaches;
  7. Squeezing sensation in chest;
  8. Shortness of breath;
  9. Choking sensation;
  10. Fear of death.
When a mother suffers from panic attacks and postpartum depression, the baby feels it and suffers too. That’s why it’s so important to find this problem and seek help.

What Can Be Done?

If panic attacks are not frequent and too hard, it’s possible to cope with them without a therapist. A mother should have some rest and let other relatives take care about the baby. It’ll be pleasant to have walks and talks with friends, because positive atmosphere will help her forget her panic attacks. Meditation, breathing exercises can also help.

But if panic attacks are very frequent and hard, it’s necessary to go to a therapist. Don’t ignore this problem, because it can get worse and worse. If a mother stays in this stress for many days and months, without doing anything, she won’t be able to care about herself and the baby properly. Mental and physical health is important for mothers.


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