Is It Possible to Overcome Pain in Breast on Right Side?


People with anxiety disorder get nervous because of this or that reason. Actually, anything can make them scared, or frustrated, or unhappy, that’s how sensitive and emotionally unstable they are. At that moment, they experience pain and discomfort in their chest, which makes them more nervous and more frustrated. Chest pain in left side seems to them more scary and serious, because they think that it is connected with their heart and some severe heart disorder. But when people feel pain in chest on their right side, they don’t get so much scared, and that’s not right, because this pain can also be a symptom of some serious disease.

Should we get scared?

It’s evident, that psychological disorders are not a frequent cause of pain in breast on right side, but it doesn’t mean that we should totally forget them. But still, this pain is the symptom of some other diseases.

  • Cardiac pathology, including cardiac angina. People with anxious disorder may feel relief that they feel chest pain on their right side, and not on their left side, but this pain can also be the result of cardiac pathology. If you have this kind of pain, you should pay attention to some other symptoms, for example, heartbeat disorder, general weakness and nausea. Even if you feel pain on your right side, it can as well be connected with your heart – remember this!
  • costant pain in breast on right sideDegenerative disc disease. This disease is caused with sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, metabolism imbalance or scoliosis. It’s also accompanied with some pain and discomfort in right chest. People with degenerative disc disease frequently have squeezing sensation, which is the result of intervertebral discs deformation. That’s how problems with spine can be the reason for pain in the right chest.
  • Gastrointestinal disease, some problems with stomach, esophagus, gallbladder. People with such problems have uncomfortable sensation in their right chest right after they’ve eaten something. That’s how you can find this reason. The burning sensation can also be the symptom of acid reflux disease.
  • Laryngitis. People with this disease frequently suffer from sharp pain in breast on right side together with difficulties to swallow.
  • Respiratory diseases, including bronchitis and tracheitis. People with such problems also suffer from fever, difficult breathing apart from severe pain in the middle or in the right side of the chest. It can be the symptom of pulmonary pathology, which is quite serious.
  • Chest injury. Pain in right chest can be the result of chest injury. This reason is quite clear, because it’s impossible to ignore or forget it. In such cases people know for sure why they feel pain in the chest.

So, when you have one of those symptoms, don’t panic! Instead, see a doctor, because you need medical examination and professional help.

Psychological reasons

Now let’s have a look at some psychological reasons for stabbing pain in breast right side. First of all, it’s physical or psychological tension, which is common for people, who have been in stress for a while. Their chest pain is also accompanied with the following symptoms:

When sensitive and hypochondriac people have pain in their right chest, they can even get neuroticism,  which will make their health condition worse. Some people can get so much scared of this pain, that they consider it a serious threat to their lives. On the whole, people with anxiety disorder are scared of any little symptom they find in their body.

What can help?

If the chest pain is caused with psychological disorder, you should see a therapist and get help from them. You’ll find the true reasons for your problems, get rid of those factors, that were making you nervous and unhappy, and then you’ll completely forget about your pain. You can also try some sedatives, breathing exercises or relaxation techniques. You shouldn’t forget the following rules:

  • sharp pain in breast on right sideSleep well and long (for about 7 or 8 hours);
  • Stop smoking;
  • Walk outside in the fresh air;
  • Eat healthy foods, that are high in potassium;
  • Practice meditation, because it will make you feel happy and relaxed.

If you’re sure, that you don’t have any psychological disorder, then you need medical examination in order to find out the right reason for your pain. It can be degenerative disc disease, or gastrointestinal disease, or cardiac pathology. You surely should see a doctor, because long and stabbing chest pain is very serious, it’s dangerous to ignore it! The longer you ignore this pain, the worse your state of health can get.


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