Pain in Breast on Left Side – Is It Sign of Disease?


People with anxiety disorder frequently suffer from pain in the left side of their chest. Different people feel that pain differently, and some of them are greatly scared that it’s the symptom of some serious disease.

How Does It Feel?

People can feel pain in breast on left side the following way:

  • on left side pain in breastSqueezing pain;
  • Lightning pain;
  • Burning sensation;
  • Throbbing pain;
  • Tingling.

Sometimes people also feel pain in their rib cage, neck, shoulders or stomach. This feeling can get strong at once or become stronger and stronger gradually. Sometimes it prevents them from sleeping, breathing, they feel that their throat is squeezed with something. Because of that feeling, accompanied with psychological tension, they can work or do anything. People with such pain get so scared, that they go and see a heart health expert. But they have difficulty in describing their feeling of discomfort, they can’t say how much and where it hurts. The reason for such a difficulty is the fact, that it’s not a physical, but a psychological pain. It can have the following reasons:

  1. Long physical activity. People frequently feel sharp pain in breast on left side after they’ve been running or exercising for a while. When they get tired they feel that symptom.
  2. Anxiety or panic attack. This can also be accompanied with the pain.

So medicines, prescribed to treat heart problems, don’t help here, because there’s no problem with the heart, but with the psychological state of such people. The result of clinical examination shows that the heart is in perfect order too. Apart from stabbing pain in breast left side such people with anxiety disorder can also feel the following symptoms:

  • pain in chest on left sideRapid heart beating;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Labored breathing;
  • Difficulty in inhaling;
  • Urinary frequency;
  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Hyperhidrosis.

People with anxiety disorder should understand that their left chest pain has nothing to do with heart disorders. Otherwise their fears can bring them much harm.

How to Treat?

Some people are so scared of their pain, that they get cardiac neurosis. They listen to their heart all the time and check its rhythm. Even when their heart beats a bit faster, they consider it as a huge and serious trouble. They also suffer from left arm numbness, squeezing feeling in the chest and throat. Another dangerous consequence of fears about pain on left chest is cardiophobia. People with this disease are constantly scared to die because of sheer heart attack. Even if sharp pain in breast on left sidethey watch some TV show about heart problems or hear someone speaking about it, they get panic attack, impossible to control.

If people with anxiety disorder suffer from left chest pain, they should see a therapist. This expert will help them find the right reasons for this pain and for their fears about their heart. A therapist can as well prescribe some medicines to make such people feel better and forget about their fears and problems. They can also get help from cognitive-behavioral therapy, stroop interference, hypnosis therapy.

When there’s no problem with the heart, there’s nothing to fear, even if you feel that pain in your left chest. But this feeling prevents from enjoying your life, doesn’t it? That’s why you surely should pay attention to that symptom and see a therapist.

And there’s something else that you should know. People with anxiety disorder may suffer from pain, caused with aortic aneurysm, heart attack, cardiac angina, gastrointestinal disease and some other factors. So before you go to a therapist, you should be absolutely sure that there’re no other problems with your health!


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