How Meditation Can Treat Panic Attacks?


Many doctors prescribe meditation to prevent panic attacks due to its positive effect for central nervous system. This relaxation method is considered one of the most effective ones. People, who suffer from panic attacks and practice meditation, notice that their mental health is getting better. After 6 months of regular meditation they get rid of panic attacks.

Why Meditation?

Panic attacks are always accompanied with various negative symptoms, that can make the health much worse. They include high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat in throat, hard breathing. People with panic attacks always think about them and wait for another one to appear any time. As a result they always feel anxious and nervous, and their body is too tense. Sometimes they don’t even notice that they clench their fists or squeeze their teeth. So they start practicing meditation to treat panic attacks and learn to relax. As a result they feel the following:

  • meditation prevent panic attacksTheir mood and health get better;
  • Start to breathe correctly;
  • They stop feeling anxious and tense;
  • They learn to relax and calm down;
  • They learn to control their emotions;
  • They become more confident in themselves;
  • They improve their will power;
  • They stop concentrating on their negative ideas;
  • They practice mindfulness.

People can get rid of their panic attacks after a year of regular meditation. But other people, who have never tried this technique, are scared that it can bring them harm. If you practice it correctly, with the help of some experienced teacher, it won’t harm you, but will improve your health greatly.

How to do it correctly?

Here’s the list of rules, how you should practice meditation techniques to stop panic attacks.

  1. You should practice meditation regularly, every day. Some people think that it’s OK to miss one or two days, but that’s not true. The result won’t be good enough, if you don’t practice every day. So try not to miss any day, because meditation doesn’t take too much time.
  2. The perfect schedule of meditation to prevent panic attacks is the following: you do that in the morning for 15 or 20 minutes, and in the evening for 15 or 20 minutes. When you practice meditation in the morning, you get ready for the whole day, feel yourself with strength and confidence. When yomeditation cure panic attacksu practice meditation in the evening, you get rid of negative ideas, fatigue and stress. It’s better not to practice right before sleep. The best time is 2 hours before you go to bed. Don’t eat too much before your meditation and don’t start it when you’re hungry. Whenever you think about food and not about meditation, the result won’t be good enough.
  3. When you practice meditation, there should quiet in your room. It’s hard to go somewhere to the forest or to the seaside, but it’s possible to make the calm atmosphere in your own room. It’s necessary to switch off your phone before you start, because phone calls will distract you from your meditation. When there’s someone else in the house, ask them to keep quiet while you practice.
  4. Lotus pose is not necessary here. You can sit in any posture you like, but your back should be straight. You shouldn’t lie while you’re meditating, because you can fall asleep.
  5. When you sit in a chair, keep your back straight. You’ll be able to concentrate on your breathing in this posture. meditation techniques to stop panic attacksBut when you feel pain in your spine, you can lean back for a while. But you spine should be straight anyway. After regular meditation you’ll get used to this posture with your back straight, and you will enjoy your meditation.
  6. Try to relax as much as you can. Pay attention to what your body feels, where you feel the pain. You can think about each part of your body and relax. If you can’t relax while you practice for the first time, it’s OK, so don’t worry about it.
  7. Get concentrated on your breathing and your body. The rhythm of your breathing should be natural, normal. Don’t try to make it fast or slow. Think about something pleasant.

You will feel the positive results after the first few meditations, and so you’ll be willing to continue the practice. You will learn to feel your body, understand what it wants. You’ll get what you need to remain calm and relaxed. As a result you’ll forget about your panic attacks!


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