What Should I Do if I Lost Interest in Life?


No one is immune from the hardships of life. Sometimes problems are stronger than we are. They seem to turn into a large black cloud hanging over every corner of life, casting a shadow on everything that used to give strength and joy. losing will to lifeWhen patients realize that they have lost interest in life, they are stuck in the network of deep depression.

In such a situation, accompanying symptoms are not always detected. This fact only proves the seriousness of the impending threat. The patient may seem to be as positive and able-bodied as before. This is the great danger of such depression. A person behaves as usual, while a catastrophe is developing inside.

Depression starts to control the mind of its prisoner. Gradually, his attitude to the events of everyday life and the people around him is changing beyond recognition. The patient ceases to distinguish small incidents from global ones.  Everything becomes the same-gray, insignificant, uninteresting, not worth the emotions.

Cause of Problems

Lost interest in life – this problem is so individual that it is hard to list all the reasons that led to such a state. However, experts have identified the main factors that can cause depression.

Problems in personal life “Amorous” affairs have always been at the head of a person’s interests. Unfortunately, we do not always meet reliable and loyal people. Often relationships fall apart hopelessly, depriving us of faith in the future and “rewarding” us with a bouquet of mental disorders.
Difficulties at work Work is the main thing on which our life is based. If something is wrong with it, we could not stay positive. A person is constantly under stress and this sooner or later will lead to negative consequences.
Personal qualities One person could pass over a lava flow on a thread without problems while another person takes every burnt pancake as an occasion for hysteria. People are different, but such qualities as immaturity, vulnerability, impressionability, suspiciousness often become the causes of depression and low self-esteem.
Strong stress Sometimes, you follow a dream for many years and do your best to achieve it, when suddenly everything is unravelling. Yes, life sometimes brings us challenges and terrible things. Sometimes their imprint remains on the psyche, and it is impossible to come to balance.
Negligence to the nerves Many cases of depression (including those that led to suicide) could have been prevented if the patient had turned to a psychotherapist in time. However, for some reason people are sure that such a visit means you have admitted yourself to be insane. “Am I such a mess that I can’t handle it?”- people often think. And, alas, they cannot cope with their problems alone. It would be possible to replace many years of treatment by 2-3 conversations with the expert who would bring the patient out of negative mood in due time.

If you lost all interest in life and this condition lasts for more than a week, it’s time to sound the alarm. Depression is fraught with serious consequences.

Danger of Internal Indifference

Psychiatrists warn that the depression itself is not what is the most dangerous. The worst things are the consequences of such a depression left untreated. The main dangers that await every patient with depression are:

  • Loosening of the cardiovascular system, leading to the risk of heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis, hypertension.
  • Sleep disorders that reduce the quality of life, which still torment the patient even after successful treatment of depression.
  • losing will to liveWeakening of the immune system.
  • Lowering the pain limit (due to lack of serotonin), the appearance of constant pain of unknown origin.
  • Development of chronic fatigue. A person with such a symptom refuses to move forward, develop, make new acquaintances. He/she performs any action with torment.
  • Destruction of the body (hair loss, pallor, breaking nails).
  • Exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.
  • Dependence on alcohol, drugs or prescribed medications.
  • Progressive difficulties in personal life, lost libido.
  • Reluctance to be socially active.
  • The desire to commit suicide is the most tragic consequence of depression. According to statistics, about 40% of patients end up that way.

If you are losing all interest in life, it is necessary to identify the exact cause of this condition. If a person fell into losing interest in lifedepression due to unrequited love, but he is trying to learn not to be afraid of heights, the disease will progress. If the exact cause is not identified, any treatment will be useless.

Fortunately, depression can be eliminated, but it is always a long and complex work. It does not matter how skeptical you are to psychotherapy, you won’t be able to recover without it in advanced forms of depression. Tips like “take t easy, go outside, hug a cat, buy yourself a Snickers” are unlikely to help the depressed patient. Although, good rest and sleep, taking vitamins and the desire to recover are very important in this difficult struggle.


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