Why the Heart Is Beating Intensively in the Throat?


Scientists say that the best work of the heart is the one that a person does not feel. Of cause, the exception is the natural increase in heart rate during exercise, excitement and high temperature. Sometimes there is a feeling that the heart is jumping out of throat and it is very strange and unpleasant. Almost always, the pulse is rapid, and the body is in a state of tension.

What Makes the Throat to “Feel” Heartbeat?

in throat heart beating

Reason Process Feelings
Increased blood pressure/

increased body tone

After hard exercise or stress, when the whole body is in good shape, and the vessels are narrowing, the intense work of the heart muscle can be felt more vividly. Especially if a person has a sensitive body that perceives all changes at an enhanced level. An untrained heart often provides pulsation in the throat after exercise. In this case, in addition to the heart beating, a person can also feel pulsation in the temples, hear noise/ring in the ears. Blood pressure is usually on the rise, as well as the. This condition should return to normal after 10-12 minutes. If the heart continues to pulsate vigorously even at rest, this is the reason to consult a cardiologist.
Vegetovascular dystonia The nervous system of people with vegetovascular dystonia is very vulnerable and sensitive. Every day it may present surprises in the form of new symptoms. If you suddenly feel a strange heart beating in throat, it could be dystonia. And while the heart muscle is fine, the CNS is prone to distorted perception of any physiological process. As a rule, the symptoms of Vegetovascular dystonia are aggravated by certain factors: weather changes, prolonged stress, excess (or even a small dose) of caffeine/alcohol, exacerbation of hypochondriasis, etc., There are the symptoms that seem unreasonable on the background of dystonia. But the CNS always has an excuse for them. This can be a subconscious struggle with something or suppressed emotions, which the patient himself does not realize and does not perceive as a threat.
Panic attacks With PA, a person experiences painful, severe stress, due to which the whole body is on edge, from the brain to the fingertips. In such a state, sensitivity may increase or perception of symptoms may distort, as in the above situations. The heart may be beating too hard, causing the pulsation to be felt in the throat or in the head. Adrenaline release provokes tremor, dizziness, change of consciousness (derealization, depersonalization), rise in blood pressure to critical numbers, increased pulse, heart rate failure, increased sweating, pain in the chest, abdomen, head. Typically, after the end of the panic attack before going to sleep (about 40 minutes) the feeling that the heart is jumping out of throat goes away.
Myocarditis When myocarditis, the connective tissue of the heart muscle is affected resulting in extensive inflammation. As a result, the heart becomes difficult to function at the proper level. You could not ignore the disease, because it is accompanied by shortness of breath, heart palpitations after any significant load. The heart and liver itself increase in size.
Heart disease The disease can be not only congenital, but also evoked as a result of infectious disease or rheumatism. Different parts of the heart can be affected, which, as with myocarditis, increases in size. The patient has bluish lips and fingertips, there is shortness of breath, heart pain, pulse in temple. In this case, the person feels heart beating in throat.


With neuroses there are reflex symptoms. The patient drives himself into a vicious circle, fixates on the heart muscle and constantly lives with confusing thoughts and worries about it. The stronger the attempts to resist fears, the more active the stewing and checking (whether the heart beats correctly, whether the pulse deviates too much from the norm, where the heartbeat is felt, etc.) are. Fixated on the work of his heart, the patient will feel any changes in the work of the muscle perversely. Sometimes the person will feel something that does not exist: the compression of the heart, its bursting, pulsation in the throat or head. A sensitive hypochondriac can really feel his pulse anywhere in the body.

heart jumping out in throatThe heart can “settle” in the throat and because of other diseases and conditions: problems with the thyroid gland, anemia with iron deficiency, reaction to drugs, vascular disorders. If the symptom occurs frequently and bothers you, you need to consult a specialists:

  • therapist;
  • cardiologist;
  • neurologist;
  • psychotherapist;
  • endocrinologist.

Each condition requires its own method of treatment. At best, organic pathologies will not be found and the doctor will advise you to improve your lifestyle and psychological state. Sometimes it is more difficult than treating anemia or myocarditis. However, the result sometimes on the patient’s desire only.


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