Is It Possible to Stop Hair Loss Due to Stress?


When you’re depressed or under some serious psychological pressure, the last thing that you care about is your hair, isn’t it? When it’s too late, will you only understand how stress is dangerous for your appearance. It will happen, when you find your lost hairs everywhere, in the drain, on your pillow, on your comb, on the floor.  And then you begin to panic. You try to stop hair loss due to stress, but the more nervous you get, the more hairs you see everywhere, but for your head.

How Does Stress Influence Your Hair?

When you’re in stress or in depression, your hair suffer as much as you do. They feel and look the following way:

  • hair loss because of stressYour hair doesn’t shine anymore, it looks dull.
  • Its structure changes, it doesn’t keep the shape anymore;
  • It becomes extremely dry;
  • It isn’t strong anymore;
  • Your hair loss after stress gets bigger and bigger.
The reason for all those unpleasant things is your stress, which causes hormonal imbalance, and it exerts downward pressure on hair roots and follicles. Hair loss due to stress doesn’t start immediately after the stressful event, but a bit later. The constant stress can be the reason for the constant alopecia, the person can become completely bald.

It’s easy to find out that you’re losing your hair, when you’re washing it. When your lost wet hairs are all over the bathroom, it looks quite scary. When you wake up in the morning and see many lost hairs on your pillow, it’s also the serious signal. When you comb your hair, you also see that many hairs are stuck in your comb. When you see all that, you’re close to panic, aren’t you? So what can be the reason for such hair loss?

What’s more, because of such problems the person’s self-esteem gets low, so they become insecure.

What Can Help?

Many people try to solve this problem, buying expensive shampoos, hair balsams and hair-oil. All those things really can improve hair and make it thicker, but not in this case. They can only help when the problems with hair are caused with insufficient hair care.

Your hair can get some improvement from shampoos and balsams, which help hair roots. What’s more, don’t’ wash your hair too frequently, for example, every day. Use some good hair shampoos and balsams, without any sulphate and paraben. There’s another thing you can do to make your hair grow better and stronger. Once in a couple of months have your hair cut a little bit.

And don’t forget to eat healthy products, because your hair depends upon the food you eat. You should eat the following food:

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables;
  2. hair loss due to stress treatmentMeat (beef, veal, pork);
  3. Fish (tuna, salmon);
  4. Dairy products (hard cheese, milk, yoghurt are very healthy for hair);
  5. Sunflower seeds;
  6. Nuts;
  7. Olives;
  8. French bean;
  9. Avocado;
  10. Bread;
  11. Cereals.

It’s necessary to eat three times a day, and you always should begin your morning with a good and substantial breakfast. Try to eat little sweet and fat products, because they’re not healthy for you.

Some vitamin-mineral complex can be also help you solve this problem. Vitamins B, A, C, E together with magnesium, selenium, omega-3 fatty acid and zinc can also fight against hair loss due to stress and anxiety. So, low diet is not for you, when you want to stop your hair loss.

When all those factors don’t help, and your hairs keeps on staying on your pillow, on the floor and everywhere, then you should visit a therapist. They will help you concentrate on your psychological health. When you make it better, your hair will look better.

Some medicines can also help you improve your hair and make it thicker. But other medicines can make it worse. For example, pills for rheumatic disease, beta-blockers, manic depression.

So, when you suffer from hair loss due to stress, you should remove your stress, and then your hair will look much better and thicker. But you should pay attention to hair care, if you want to keep it shiny and beautiful.


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