Top Reasons of Sharp Fever – How to Get Rid from It?


Sometimes we do not know what games our nerves can play with us. Against the background of complete peace of mind a person suddenly gets hot like this usually happens when a strong emotion or shame. It seems like the body suddenly “remembered” something like that and relives those same emotions. Of course, such things scare and you begin to think of some serious disease. After all, if everything is ok, why the nervous system plays such jokes?  But what really lies in the outbreaks of sudden heat?

The Main Reason Is Our Nerves

In fact, there are not so many serious organic diseases in which a person begins to “burn” from the inside. In this case, the pathology must be accompanied by additional symptoms that are difficult to ignore. For example, with viral fever or intoxication, hot flashes are necessarily accompanied by high temperatures, and the patient does not ask questions, he already knows: there is a disease, and a he/she needs a doctor. But if a person gets hot and then cold, there is no temperature and pain, the problem should be sought in the nervous system, and this is a real labyrinth full of ghosts. The main “nervous” causes of heat:

  1. gets hotVegetative-vascular dystonia. The patient is regularly exposed to the fear of death, even when he is absolutely in no danger. The bewildered brain sends signals of danger, among which are: he/she gets hot quickly (or cold). When there are no good reasons for such a symptom, the patient is frightened: what if something “broke” inside and this is the reason for fever? After all, such tricks do not come out of thin air, as an electric kettle or an alarm clock can not turn on itself. However, for VVD such “jokes” are not extraordinary.
  2. Panic attack. The sudden rush of adrenaline into the blood accompanied by panic is common not only for people suffering from VVD. Every person is at risk to experience the “charm” of a panic attack and remember this nightmare forever. As a rule, the harbingers of PA are always strong or prolonged stress, problems, CNS disease, phobias. The heart shudders, you got hot, the limbs get cold. All these are the standard signs of the beginning of the attack, after them a global panic comes that spurs the crisis to continue.
  3. The imbalance in the central nervous system. Two parts of our nervous system – sympathetic and parasympathetic – are to conduct coordinated work in order to make us feel calm and comfortable. However, we could not always afford that luxury. Sometimes the sympathetic division is suddenly activated and starts “dancing”. The vessels constrict, the heart beats, the blood quickly begins to flow to the brain – as if you are in mortal danger.  When the abdominal organs lack blood supply and begin to “freeze”, the brain instructs the body to warm up. And the patient feels spasms in the muscles, jumps in blood pressure and waves of heat spreading around the body.
  4. gets hot fastTerrifying situation. We often forget what we were afraid of, but our subconscious remembers everything. Moreover, it reacts to memories so that we feel it somatically. Specialists have found out that even babies are able to “record” stressful events inside and then react to similar things in adult life. For example, if the mother smoked during pregnancy, the baby experienced hypoxia, and as an adult, began to experience wild fear in stuffy rooms and even tight clothes. The same thing concerns other memories. You walk in the park with your dog and suddenly you get hot easily. You immediately think: what if it’s a heart attack? Sudden heat stroke? And the reason may actually be an unintentional passer-by in blue clothes: the color reminded the subconscious of some terrible situation, which has been forgotten by you. Here is how you can fall into the trap of your own memories.
  5. Increased nervousness. Some people feel panic attack because of everything: something clicked behind the neighbors’ wall, the cat jumped off a chair, the beep of the car far on the street. People do not even have time to figure out what had happened, and the nerves have already responded by the heat wave in the chest. In hypochondriacs, this symptom is especially evident because they are forced to live in constant expectation of something terrible.

Other Reasons

Unfortunately, there are also biological causes of acute heat, which explain the condition of the patient.

  • gets hot rapidAt the onset of the climacteric period, a woman experiences severe changes in the hormonal background, which are accompanied by the so-called tides. The same problem occurs with premenstrual syndrome.
  • Thyroid disease. The point here also applies to hormones, a failure in which causes the sensation of heat with profuse sweat. However, the disease has other symptoms that the patient is sure to feel.
  • Hypertensive disease. Along with high blood pressure, nausea and headaches, hot flashes occur (usually to the head and chest). Treatment is mandatory, because hypertension is one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes.

Is it Possible to “Calm the Heat” Yourself?

In any case, the first thing that the patient should do is to be examined. Whatever the confidence in the neurogenic nature of the symptom, do not neglect your own safety. Some causes of heat will not be eliminated by home remedies, medicines will be needed, and they can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Do not expect that the unpleasant symptom of heat will disappear in a couple of days. Nervous problems always require long-term correction.

It also happens that the feeling of heat is not associated with any ailments, but simply is an individual feature of the character of an emotional person. By the way, many who were able to accept it in themselves, eventually ceased to feel it. You can also try this.


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