Feeling of Tightness in Ears – Is It a Reason to Visit a Doctor?


When people are feeling tightness in ears, they get scared and puzzled. They worry that there’s something wrong with their health, especially when they have that symptom quite frequently.

What Do They Feel?

When such people with tightening feeling in ears try to explain that symptom to the doctor, they also describe some other sensations, that accompany it. What’s more, different patients feel that problem differently.

  • feeling of tightness in ears causesSome of them compare it with their feeling, as if their ears are closed with their hands or filled with something. Sometimes it’s about the both ears, sometimes only one of them has that sensation.
  • Others describe it like a pressure from inside. They feel pain and discomfort, nausea, dizziness, pulse in temples.
  • There can also be illusion of some sound, for example, whistle or noise. This symptom makes people very nervous, they can’t work or sleep well enough. They can’t concentrate and pay their attention to this or that object. They can’t stand even small noises.
  • Sometimes the problem with ears influence eyes. People, who are feeling tightness in ears, have difficulty in looking at something. They want to keep their eyes closed.

There can be the following reasons for those symptoms:

  1. tightness in earsMigraine,
  2. Arteriosclerotic vascular disease,
  3. Neurilemoma;
  4. Otitis;
  5. Genyantritis;
  6. intracranial pressure.

Some psychogenic disorders can also be followed with that unpleasant feeing in ears.

What if the Reason is Psychogenic?

When people have panic attacks or they feel them approaching, their blood pressure often gets higher, and may cause high pressure in ear and in temple. It’s well known that hypertension is the reason for spasms. Here’s the list of symptoms accompanying hypertension:

  1. feeling of tightness in ears treatmentBlurred vision;
  2. Heart hurry;
  3. Shivering of body;
  4. Fever or cold fit;
  5. Labored breathing;
  6. Asphyxia;
  7. Urinary frequency;
  8. Nausea;
  9. Red spots on the skin;
  10. Numb feet or hands.

People with dysautonomia, panic attacks and compulsory fears have that unpleasant tightening feeling in the ears all the time. Degenerative spine disease can also be the main reason, because it frequently accompanies dysautonomia. When people suffer from intervertebral disc protrusion, their arteries are pressed which influences the blood flow.  The brain and other organs don’t get enough oxygen. As a result, because of high hypertension, people feel tightening sensation in their ears.

When atmosphere pressure is too high or too low, people with dysautonomia can feel it, because their blood vessels are too weak.

What and Who can Help?

When the reasons for such symptoms are psychogenic, only a good therapist can help here and prescribe some useful medicines and therapy. Patients will analyze their mental and physical state, find a good way to react the events, happening around them.

People with degenerative spine disease can be prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. They can also do some physical exercises, good for their spine. Physical therapy (needle therapy and massage) can help your body relax, improve the blood flow and angiogenesis.

There are some methods that you can also use, when you suffer from tightening feeling in your ears because of psychogenic troubles. For example, avoid stress and do some breathing exercises. You should always pay attention to your mental health because it greatly influences your physical state.

So, the first thing you should do, when you have that unpleasant pressure in your ears, is to go a doctor and have medical examination. If your physical health is OK, then you should go to a therapist and get some help from them.


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