What should Person Do if He Feeling everything Like a Dream?


Some people with anxiety disorder suffer from feeling everything like a dream. It means that they don’t think their life belongs to them. They feel as if they just watch their life go on, as if someone else lives their life. They also have an illusion that they watch a movie about their lives. That’s the reason for going to a therapist and getting some help.


That sensation is really uncomfortable and scary. People think that they’re going crazy, they don’t understand what’s going on. Their reality feels like a dream, a movie. They don’t recognize their everyday life, everything seems strange, creepy. This sensation is frequently accompanied with the following symptoms:

  • Ifeeling everything like a dream causesndifference;
  • Difficulty in understanding the reality;
  • Metal slowness;
  • Motor retardation;
  • Impaired concentration;
  • Low mood;
  • Depression of strength;
  • Depression.

Sometimes people feel that their bodies don’t belong to them. They can even imagine that they’re dead. If those symptom go on too long, they prevent them from having a normal life. They’re diagnosed with depersonalization disorder (DPD). It can be explained the following way:

  1. People with DPD feel that their emotions don’t belong to them. They are strange and unknown. They feel disconnected from their own bodies and movements. They imagine that they can’t control their emotions and movements. They just feel that they are outside observers of their life. The surrounding reality seems blurry to them, they can’t understand what’s going on.
  2. Such people understand that there is something wrong with their mind. They are sure that they have some mental disorder and that’s the reason for their DPD.
DPD is characterized with constant and intensive symptoms. If real life seems like a dream once or twice, it’s not DPD, but something else.

What Else Can It Be?

The reason for that feeling as if everything is a dream can be the following:

People with anxiety disorder have panic attacks together with DPD. Sometimes they are also accompanied with fear of death. Another reason for having this symptom is exhaustion, over-fatigue. Those symptoms can be caused with the following events:

  1. feels everything like a dreamWars;
  2. Catastrophes;
  3. Psychological or physical abuse;
  4. Disease or death of someone beloved;
  5. Prison confinement;
  6. Drug using;
  7. Alcoholism.

Such symptoms can be treated with the help of an experienced therapist. They can also disappear, when people with anxiety disorder avoid stress and become calmer. If people are too sensible and emotional, they can have that symptom quite frequently.

DPD can accompany anxiety disorder, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. If we analyze DPD separately, we can’t say that it’s a psychological disorder. People are aware of that symptom, they understand that there’s real life seems like a dreamsomething wrong with their mental health. They can say reality from illusions. Even if they’ve been suffering from that feeling for many years, they still understand that it’s not normal.

When reality seems like a dream to you, it’s necessary to go to a therapist and get help. The sooner you start getting treatment, the sooner you’ll be able to get rid of that symptom. The specialist will make the treatment plan and help you understand the true reasons for that. You will learn several techniques, that will help you distract from DPD and get more connected with the reality.

You’ll find the psychological trauma that became the real reason for your derealization disorder. It may be your childhood trauma, when you were abused by your own parents. It is common for many families. It won’t be pleasant to remember the events that you’ve forgotten long ago, but that’s the only way of getting rid of that annoying sensation.


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