What Can Trigger Fear of Schizophrenia?


The loss of control over one’s own behavior is what each person fears. It is  even terrible to imagine what can happen strong fear of schizophreniathen. Alarmists and neurotics have already partially imagine that state where you are can not deal with your emotions and behavior.

In fact, patients with disorders and failures of the central nervous system are more likely to be close to serious mental disorders, such as schizophrenia. And this does not mean that such people will definitely get sick with something spiritual and go to a psychiatric clinic. However, the fear of schizophrenia so permeates the consciousness that a person forgets a full-fledged joyful life and begins to “survive” in captivity of his terrible fantasies.

Who Is at Risk to Suffer from the Fear?

Fear of schizotypy is inherent in any person in one way or another. But why are some people able to leave him at the embryo stage, while others pour it themselves  with fantasies and speculation? As mentioned above, unnecessarily nervous and suspicious people are more prone to catch the phobia of schizophrenia, since life now and then puts them in a situation of lost control. The risk group of schizophonia is presented in the table.


Disorder / state What does fear feed on? What can this lead to?
  • medical forums;
  • eternal searching for unwanted symptoms;
  • fantasies about “how it will be”;
  • propensity to present themselves in the place of a schizophrenic, to see the world through his eyes
The medical illiteracy of some people (or excessive suspiciousness) forces fear to grow into new forms. A person acquires additional phobias that progress and lead to more serious disorders / depressions.
Cranky central nervous system
  1. constant thoughts of bad;
  2. addiction to hypochondria;
  3. low self-esteem due to the inability to always monitor the state;
  4. conviction: “schizophrenia will choose me”.
A person withdraws into himself, not finding support from relatives, who are probably already “fed up” with his fantasies. Uncontrolled reception of sedatives can adversely affect the body. The patient risks finding deep depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • misconceptions about their own health and the body, phobias about this;
  • inclination “cheat”;
  • feeling helpless before new symptoms;
  • the eternal search for information that is ultimately projected onto itself.
Fear of falling ill with schizophrenia turns into a real race in a vicious circle, acquiring new forms and manifestations. Person in VVD  is convinced: he is better than doctors, he knows how his head and psyche are arranged, and therefore everything that he considers abnormal is such. And doctors are only insensitive and incompetent people who want him to go to a mental hospital as soon as possible. If such a state is ignored, it will certainly end in a severe depression with a whole bunch of new phobias.
Obsessive compulsive disorder/Generalized anxiety disorder
  • the inability to stop their “rituals” and the conviction that the slightest deviation from them ends in madness;
  • the conviction that persistent neurosis is the beginning of schizophrenia.
In this situation, the easiest way to deal with the phobia of schizophrenia, because it is a secondary condition. In the first place neurotic always timely and accurate performance of rituals. Having cured OCD, you can permanently get rid of the fear of becoming schizophrenic.

How Is Fear Justified?

To stop experiencing the fear of schizophrenia, it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of disorder it is and how it manifests itself.

The main thing that every person in VVD and neurotic should remember: as long as you reject your own neuroses, phobias and inadequate fantasies from yourself, you are 100% not schizophrenic.

fear of schizophrenia causesThis patient with a severe mental disorder is not afraid to go crazy and does not realize that he has a serious illness. Schizophrenia becomes a part of his “I”, and man builds his life around it. He is convinced that the people around him should also react to events occurring in his own head. He is surprised and annoyed because everyone “pretends” as if they do not see and hear nothing – after all, he absolutely knows for sure: voices sounding from the ceiling exist, and the man in the red robe sitting at the kitchen table is real.

A phobia to become a schizophrenic does not affect this transformation in any way. If the patient has the prerequisites to have such a disease, it will happen – the presence or absence of fear will fear of schizophrenia treatmentnot play any role. But the phobia go crazy destructive and tends to progress.

At first, a person tries to isolate himself from the disease by all means, he is not able to hear even the word “schizophrenia”, although he is fixated on it within himself. Then the surveillance of one’s own behavior and state begins: the patient tries to detect signs of schizotypy. As soon as he begins to “find” them, we can talk about the beginning of the next stage of fear. At the last stage of the phobia, the person is convinced that he is definitely sick, and this confidence gives rise to the worst psychosomatic symptoms: panic attacks, deep depression, social phobia, aggression, anxiety, asthma attacks and headaches.

If thoughts of schizophrenia frighten and do not allow you to live in peace, do not hesitate to help the psychotherapist. Sometimes this is the only chance to save yourself from the future consequences of progressive fear.


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