Is It Possible to Get Rid of the Fear of Pain?


Fear of experiencing pain and the desire to avoid it – this is the natural behavior of human. However, in some people the fear of experiencing physical pain takes steady form and manifests itself too intensely. Such a condition leads to the conclusion about the development of an alginophobia in a person. This disorder is characterized by the manifestation of anxiety and fear to feel the pain. In this phobia, a person experiences an uncontrollable fear of serious injuries as well as minor injuries and wounds.

Causes of Alphobia

The most common cause of the development of fear of pain is a negative experience. If in the past a person got into a situation in which he experienced severe physical pain, this might largely determine his behavior in the future. In this case, suffering from this disorder is afraid of any source of pain, and not just a repetition of a specific situation from the past. Such patients are equally afraid of cuts, fractures, bruises, burns and bites. Another reason for the development of the disease may be the situation of monitoring a person experiencing severe physical pain, and for especially sensitive ones there will be a rather exciting story. For example, the development of fear of experiencing pain is possible because of the long waiting their turn at the dental office, from which shouts and moans of another patient can be heard.

How Does the Disease Manifest Itself?

Such people are absolutely sure that they will not be able to cope even with weak pain and are afraid of losing control strong fear of painover their own behavior. Such people not only risk their health when they postpone an appointment to the doctor an infinite number of times, but also deprive themselves of many life pleasures by refusing to take part in a sporting event or other event that requires action. Any situation involving at least the slightest risk of feeling pain is perceived by an algofob as a threat. Patients can endure “for later” even surgical operations for a long time, without which considerable damage will be done to their health. Often, the fear of pain flows together with aichmophobia, a disorder characterized by the fear of injuring yourself with sharp objects. Development of other anxiety disorders in the patient and cause prolonged depression. Some patients prefer not to leave the house at all, because the only way they feel most secure. The physiological symptoms of the disease include nausea, heart rhythm disturbances, tremors in the body, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and profuse sweating. Often, patients complain of vomiting and high blood pressure.

Treatment of the Phobia

Algophobia patient are usually prescribed sedatives, in some cases antidepressants. However, patients should remember that medical drugs are not able to completely eliminate the disease. A complete victory over a phobia, which is a serious problem for a full life and health, is possible only when working with a psychotherapist. The main psychological methods of dealing with the fear of pain are:

  1. fear of pain causesgraded desensitization;
  2. hypnosis;
  3. NLP;
  4. autogenic technique.

In the event that anxiety has not yet reached the extreme stage and has not turned into a severe phobia, you can try to study the method of autogenic training yourself. Self-hypnosis has a significant impact on the mental and somatic state of the individual. Autogenic techniques relieve nervous tension, relieve anxiety and fear, increase efficiency and improve mood. The effect of the technique will be noticeable after about 4 weeks of regular classes. Training is recommended to be carried out 3 times a day: immediately after waking up, during the day and before bedtime. Exercise duration is usually 10 minutes. In the room where the training will be conducted, the person should feel comfortable and calm. Having settled down comfortably, having closed eyes and having relaxed as much as possible, one should begin to pronounce (out loud or mentally) conscious positive formulations. At the same time, you should try to present vivid images in your mind. You can utter the following affirmations:

  • I’m relaxed and calm;
  • my face and eyelids are relaxed;
  • my arms and legs relax and get warm;
  • fear of pain treatmentmy stomach becomes soft and warm;
  • I feel warm in the chest;
  • my heart beats smoothly and calmly;
  • there is clarity and lightness in my head;
  • I get rid of anxiety, worries and fears;
  • I like to live in this world;
  • I am in harmony with the people around me and with myself;
  • I know how to find a way out of any situation;
  • I know that I am confident in myself and in my abilities;
  • I feel great;
  • I am free, cheerful and full of energy;
  • I can handle any task.

At the end of the session, you should sit quietly for a few seconds, then take a deep breath, open your eyes and slowly exhale. An exercise done before bedtime should end with the phrase: “I am completely relaxed, I will sleep soundly and calmly.”

Some people, not understanding the seriousness of the problem of fear of pain, blame algofobs for being overly sensitive or childish. The problem is that a person suffering from anxious phobias, you can not just convince or force to behave differently. Often, patients themselves understand the groundlessness of their fears, but they cannot get rid of them on their own. n order to completely defeat your disease, you need to realize in time how intrusive fears make life inferior, and seek professional help.


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