Is It Possible to Overcome the Fear of Metro?


Opinion polls revealed that 60-70% of mentally healthy people experience some tension and anxiety while in the subway. But sometimes a little anxiety and discomfort develop into a real phobia, from which it is difficult for a person to get rid of himself. This fear was called metrophobia.

The Main Symptoms of Metrophobia

Behavioral symptoms of fear to ride the subway is the desire to avoid at all costs stay in the subway. A person may start to worry, even when he is just in the metro area, hears talk about the dungeon or remembers it. The main physiological manifestations of uncontrollable fear are:

A person gripped by fear cannot concentrate, turn his attention to something and distract from obsessive thoughts. At some point, the patient may seem that he is going crazy. During attacks, the metrophobic can easily become a victim of accidents, since in such a state he is absolutely helpless and vulnerable.

Causes of Fear of the Dungeon

To understand how to eliminate the fear of driving in the subway, you need to figure out what led a person to such a state.

  1. fear of tubeMetrophobia as a result of neurotic disorders. The fear of the subway may develop against the background of fear of confined space or fear of premature death. Sufferers of social phobia can also avoid the metropolitan due to large crowds of people and unwillingness to be among them.
  2. Mental injury. The development of metrophobia often leads to a terrible event that happened in the subway (attack, hostage taking, etc.), which leaves a negative imprint on the human psyche. The sufferer could have witnessed a murder, rape or other traumatic scene. Even a theft case seen in a metro can make a huge impact on an impressionable person. Severe headaches, panic attack, heart attack, syncope can also serve as reasons for avoiding the dungeon.

It should be noted that suspicious, vulnerable, unbalanced people with a pessimistic outlook on life are more prone to metrophobia. They are not self-confident, suspicious, indecisive, they see the world around them in gloomy tones and for a very long time experience any tragedies that have happened to them. Such a person could easily convince himself that an accident or a terrorist act would certainly occur when going down the subway. Such thoughts eventually turn into a real uncontrollable fear, entailing attempts in any way to prevent being in the subway and moving around the city in this way.

At the earliest stage, you can try to eliminate metrophobia yourself. Walking in the fresh air, proper nutrition, healthy sleep and exercise – all this makes the nervous system less susceptible to stress and depression. A person is less likely to be overcome by negative thoughts, he becomes calmer and more balanced. In more severe cases, tranquilizers or antidepressants are prescribed to eliminate the physiological symptoms of fear of traveling in the subway.

Medications relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and the patient for a while forgets about his fears. It should be remembered that after the end of the medication, the person gradually returns to his old thoughts and experiences. To fear of undergroundunderstand the psychological causes of metrophobia and to influence them, the help of a qualified specialist is required. During psychotherapeutic sessions, the patient must learn the principles of self-control during the manifestation of panic and learn to lower the level of anxiety on their own. In the subconscious of the patient should be laid confidence that the metro is not a threat to life and health. In some cases, the psychotherapist may use the hypnosis technique. This method implies the possibility of the patient accepting the necessary installation without internal resistance, since the impact occurs when the consciousness is “turned off”.

The use of underground transport has many advantages. First of all, it is a high speed of movement, low cost per ticket and no traffic jams. If you overcome the fear of descending into the subway and forever throw out of your head the idea that the dungeon is fraught with danger, you can greatly facilitate the life of yourself and your loved ones.


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