How Can Fear of Flying Appear?


As time goes by, new phobias appear. A couple of centuries ago people heard nothing about flight fear, but now it’s getting wide-spread. At the moment, a great number of people are afraid of flying, though airplane is considered the safest means of transport.

Statistically speaking, about 25% of adults fear to flight, and there are more women than men among them.

It’s not that easy to come to a therapist and tell them about fear of flying, as it may seem. People with that kind of fear frequently avoid flying at all, and spend their vacations in spots, which can be reached by car. Sometimes they go so far as can’t stand TV shows and movies about plane crashes.

Did You Start Fearing Flights at Once?

This problem won’t be solved until you find out its reason. On the whole, there are four reasons for fear of flying:

  • fear to flightBad flight experience. When you were a child, you could have traveled by plane a thousand times with your parents, but then you grew old and experienced severe air turbulence in flight. For sure, there can be bad weather or crash landing, this can happen to anyone. But if you get scared at that moment, you will remember that experience forever and get a fear of flying, which will become your new phobia.
  • Mass media. Long, long ago, when there was no internet, many people believed that planes never crashed. But now we have so many TV shows, that tell us about those accidents, that we can’t possibly avoid watching them. We remember those stories and that’s the source of our phobias!
  • Health anxiety. People with angionecrosis, neuroticism and hypochondria worry about their health all the time. Wherever they go, they fear that something awful will happen to their health. They’re very well aware that something awful can happen to them in flight (panic attacks, rapid pulse, pressure jump or nausea), and a doctor will unlikely be on board. That’s why people fear to flight.
  • Psychology. Some people just need to keep everything under control, and they’re extremely scared of the idea that they can’t control the flight. When such people are in their comfort zone, they seem fearless, but fear of flying is their only phobia.

What Does a Person with Fear of Flying Feel?

Before you make fun of your friends with fear of flying, just imagine what they feel before the scheduled flight.

  1. Sfear of flying treatmenteveral days before the flight they have digestive disorder, queasiness and panic attacks.
  2. In the airport those people have cold hands and feet, strong perspiration, loss of coordination.
  3. In the plane their hearts beats so fast, that it seems to be going to run away!
  4. In flight those people can become insane and dangerous to other passengers due to their panic. What’s more, some people with fear of flying drink too much alcohol in order to suppress their fear. In such a state they can behave really badly: they can scream and shout, run through the plane and faint.

Sometimes the only flight is enough to make us understand that we do really fear to flight. Sometimes that phobia can make us change our lives, for example, quit the job, if it’s connected with a great number of business trips.

How to Overcome Fear of Flying?

Learn more about planes! There’s little chance that a plane will crash. But people with fear of flying don’t believe that! Learn facts and you’ll understand that plane is really the safest means of transport, and you have more chance to drown in your bathtub or die choking. And don’t forget that no plane has ever crashed due to turbulence!
Overcome your anxiety! How does your panic show itself? You have hand tremor, tingling tongue, rapid pulse. You should know everything about your symptoms and help yourself as soon as possible when your panic attack starts. There Are special methods of overcoming them, they’re based on breathing process. You can spend several months on training, but it’s really worth that!
Only control the things that you can control. You can’t control the pilots or the plane, but you can choose the route and flight. You should try to spend as little time in flight as possible. Try and book the seat next to the wing, it’s comfortable there. It’s also better to travel by plane in daytime, because people with fear of flying feel more anxious at night, when it’s dark outside. And don’t forget that other passengers around you may have the same phobia, so don’t bother them with your impolite questions about their flying experience. You’d better read or just sleep for a while.

fear of flying causesWhat’s more, there are special apps created for people with fear of flying:

  • Fly With No Fear;
  • Take Me Up;
  • No Fear;
  • Sky Guru.

Try to overcome your fear and your life will be better and happier!


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