Why Person May Feel Fear of Changes?


The fear of change is familiar to everyone. It is not often possible to meet someone who dares to change something in his life without experiencing even the slightest doubt. However, in some individuals, the fear of change manifests itself so strongly that they cannot change the style of dress, make new friends or make repairs in the apartment. Even if a person wants to change himself, at the same time he can be afraid of them in panic, since usual circumstances always seem more reliable and safe.

Signs of Fear

A person who is afraid of everything new always has great difficulties in adapting to unusual conditions. He will not do anything even if his position is unprofitable, humiliating and unpromising. Anything that requires effort to adapt to unusual circumstances and can provoke the destruction of established patterns, will cause him anxiety and fear. strong fear of changesUsually such people do not risk changing their place of work, trying themselves in a new position and do not seek to develop in any field of activity. Even if they are not satisfied with the working conditions (wages, work team), they would not take a single step aside in order to change something. Such people are often anxious when confronted with unconventional methods of work or any new information. Even if the old methods prove ineffective in fulfilling certain duties, no changes would follow.

A person who is afraid of change cannot change his place of residence, move to another city or country. Sometimes even a short vacation in a new place is an impossible task for him. In some cases, such persons refuse to improve their living conditions, just not to deprive themselves of their usual surroundings. It is not easy for them to make new acquaintances, get married or divorce. Some women may dream of a stable relationship and family, but at the same time be lonely all the time and refuse every man. Others, on the contrary, suffer for a long time in an unsuccessful marriage with an unworthy spouse, doing nothing to correct the situation.

How to Indicate Cause and Method of Treatment?

Usually people themselves can not answer the question “Why am I afraid of anything new?”. The fact is that for a person pursued by such fears, change is not a positive thing in life. For him, this is, above all, a way out of the comfort zone and a loss of a sense of security. Such people are panicked by uncertainty and uncertainty, they see a threat in that they will have to rebuild and change depending on new circumstances. Internal fear does not allow a tormented person to be prepared for a new experience, for fresh emotions and feelings. One of the reasons for the emergence of such a fear is a negative experience. If in the past a person has experienced severe discomfort when trying to change himself or his life in some way, there is a high probability that he will not want any changes in the future. The most people that are affected by this problem, with the following personal characteristics:

  • fear of changes adultdistrustfulness, suspicion;
  • excessive suspiciousness, sensitivity;
  • low level of claims;
  • low self-esteem;
  • fear of failure;
  • infantilism, fear of responsibility;
  • excessive responsibility, perfectionism.
Sometimes the cause of non-acceptance of change can be a traumatic situation from childhood, when a child was forced to adapt to new conditions while experiencing fear and misunderstanding.

To eliminate the fear of change in life it is recommended to consult a specialist. Working with a psychotherapist is usually aimed at the formation of adequate reactions to situations that cause concern, as well as at learning relaxation techniques. At psychotherapeutic sessions, the person must come to the realization that the feeling of discomfort when fear of changes in kidcircumstances change is a natural state, and any life changes are a process that cannot be avoided. In the course of a patient artificially peremensozdayutsya fear situations that provoke a feeling of anxiety and alarm without reason. With the best development of events, the fear of change should lose its significance for a person. To try to get rid of fear on your own, you can begin to learn to adapt to changes in the details: set an alarm for another time, prepare an unusual breakfast, put on a new suit. When these actions will no longer cause difficulties, you should move on to more important things.

It is known that there is no development without changes. Change is an important part of every individual’s life. Without desire to leave the comfort zone and reconciled with the thought “I am afraid of everything new in panic”, a person misses a huge amount of opportunities necessary for personal growth, self-improvement and success.


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