Is Double Vision in Eyes a Symptom of Anxiety Disorder?


When you see a double image, you surely get scared. The more frequently you have this disorder, the more depressed you get. This symptom can be the result of anxiety disorder or another disease, accompanying it. When you have a panic attack, you also have a double vision in both eyes.

Why Double Vision is Common for Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder is frequently accompanied with сervical degenerative disc disease. Any neck problem influences eyesight. The reason is the following: neck gristles and joints are deformed, lumbar arteries get squeezed and cerebral circulation is damaged. The result of it all is eyesight problems: double vision, floaters, blurred vision. The following symptoms also come together with cervical degenerative disc disease:

  • double vision because of stress causesEyeballs popping out;
  • Eye pupil size increase;
  • Eye shape change.

People can also suffer from double vision due to stress and anxiety. Psychological and emotional tension because of depression and anxiety can influence the extraocular muscles and cause insufficient blood supply to organs together with abnormalities of the different vascular beds of the eye.

When people, who suffer from double vision, wear glasses because of poor eyesight, their extraocular muscles get weaker.

People can have double vision because of stress and panic attacks, but for a very short of time. They also have blurred vision, fast heart beating, labored breathing, diarrhea, repeated urination. There can also be other problems, causing this symptom. And they’re not connected with anxiety disorder. Those diseases are the following:

  1. double vision because of stress treatmentDiabetes;
  2. Myasthenia;
  3. Aneurysm;
  4. Brain injury;
  5. Multilocular sclerosis.

Whatever the real reason is, it’s necessary to go to a doctor, because it’s dangerous to ignore this symptom. Even if you have it for a short period of time, you should pay attention to it and have a full medical examination.

What Can You Do?

You shouldn’t try to treat double vision in your eyes yourself. A doctor will find the true reason and help you get rid of it. You should consult an eye specialist, neurologist and a psychologist. But there’s a thing that you can do yourself. It’s eye exercises.

  • double vision due to stressClose your eyes and put your hands to them. Sit back and relax. Stay in this position for several minutes. This exercise is called palming, and it brings relief to your eyes. Your hands should be warm, so don’t forget to rub them well enough before you put them over your eyelids. Your eyes should be in complete darkness. It’s comfortable to do this exercise, when you sit at a table with your elbows on it.
  • Imagine that you watch fish, swimming in water. Try to watch its movements carefully.
  • When your eyes are closed, press your fingers against them slightly and move your eyeballs to the left and to the right. Your eyes should stay relaxed and not tensed.
  • Blink fast for one minute.
  • Another exercise is called zooming. When your eyes are open, put an object in front of them and then shift the focus of your vision trying to look “through” this object. It’ll get blurred.

Another thing that you can do to keep your eyes healthy and happy is eating well. You should eat the food with A vitamin, C vitamin, D vitamin and E vitamin. Herbal teas and blueberry are good for your eyes.

Don’t forget to go to an eye specialist once a year, so that you can find a trouble when it’s only starting. It’s also necessary to eat and sleep well, drink enough water and avoid stresses.

You shouldn’t be scared when you have double vision once or twice in your eyes. You can just be too drunk or tired, that’s all. So, it’s not a reason for your panic. But when you have this problem frequently, and you see no reason for that, then you really should consult a doctor.


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