How to Deal with Dizziness in Vegetovascular Dystonia?


When the surrounding world “blurs” it becomes uncomfortable and frightening. Especially unpleasant dizziness occurs with vegetovascular dystonia, when hypochondria goes beyond the permissible limits and the state of health leaves much to be desired. Each patient has a rather strange condition, and sometimes he can not coherently explain to the doctor how his head is spinning. It generates a lot of fears: where did this symptom come from and how to eliminate it?

Do You Really Feel Dizzy?

People with vegetovascular dystonia are not stimulants. They go to the doctor not because they suffer from the lack of attention, but because of despair. “I feel like the back of my head is squeezed with someone’s large hands, all became dark, I feel strange, as if floating, the brain could not think…” When dystonia cause dizziness, complaints are different, although they can describe the same symptom. It is interesting that the person can describe many different states with the word “dizzy”, sometimes these conditions are completely not related to the vertigo in the medical sense of the word. There are two reasons for this symptom:

  1. dizziness in vvdLack of oxygen in the brain, which occurs due to high or low blood pressure, “adrenaline rush” or excessive muscle tone. With vegetovascular dystonia, any stress or factor (weather change) can cause poor blood supply to the brain.
  2. Individual emotional experiences, which are expressed somatically. “Thoughts are material” – this assertion is true for those who suffer from dystonia. Their fears and fantasies are often transformed into physical symptoms: weakness, dullness in the head, sensation of suffocation, and of course dizziness.

The patient may feel:

  • drifts from side to side (as happens after a long whirl);
  • dizziness in dystoniaunsteadiness of gait;
  • changing the surrounding reality (feeling of sobriety);
  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • shortage of air;
  • pulse in temples.

You should know that dystonia cause dizziness which is very different from the pathological one. When the blood vessels of the brain are critically narrowed (due to some diseases, running osteochondrosis, thrombosis or deep sobriety), a person will not be able to take a step without help. People suffering from dystonia are able to stand on their legs, though, they are confident that they will lose balance. Their blood supply is bad, but not enough to knock them down. And the brain is still able to give adequate commands to the limbs. It also happens that the vessels are in absolute norm, but the nervous system brings a real challenge to the body. In cases of dystonia and dizziness you should consult a psychiatrist.

Tips to Deal with the Symptom

You may not feel its rejection, but that doesn’t mean that the rejection is absent. Tonometer readings are important for proper care.

  1. Go out to the balcony or open a window – fresh air is important to improve the condition.
  2. vvd cause dizzinessIf the blood pressure is elevated, take ½ tablet of Capoten and 30 drops of Valokordin (Corvalol). Go get half a basin of hot water and put the feet in it for 10-15 minutes. It is better if you take a foot bath sitting on the couch, leaning back on the pillow and wrapped with something warm to restore blood supply.
  3. If the arterial tension is low, make a hot green tea or coffee. Be careful! These drinks can trigger a surge of adrenaline. Stretch your feet and palms, collar area, massage the earlobes, clap your hands. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Chocolate and honey will help to ease the condition.
  4. Stop getting yourself into serious illnesses that don’t exist. Remember, if you had a stroke (and people suffering from dystonia immediately think about it), other obvious symptoms would come along with the head spinning. How the doctor examines the patient for the presence of stroke? Raise both hands at the same time. Smile in the mirror. Did it work? Both parts of your face and hands obey you, so your brain is ok.
  5. Sometimes dystonia and dizziness can be eliminated by the usual sleep and a good rest. Organize it. Maybe the world floating under your feet is just a hint of your body that you are too worked up or loaded yourself with hypochondriac thoughts?


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