What Should Person Do with Constant Burp and Lump in the Throat?


A periodic eructation – is an natural phenomenon, though it’s customary to “drown out” it abide by common ethics. Worst of all, when rare act is becoming a permanent state that brings discomfort and turns person into hypochondriac. “Is it digestive tract betrays? Should I be on diet?” And If burp is accompanying with lump in the throat, thoughts would be about fearful diseases. And what should I do if serious pathologies were developing?

Can a Problem Be Connected with Nerves?

If patient complains to the doctor that he is suffering because of feeling lump in the throat and belching with air, first of all the specialist would ask about nutrition. Because such problems may accurres due to such cases:

  • burp with air and lump in the throatnutrition irregular, person eats very fast and gulping air;
  • after ingestion person performs physical activities;
  • patient often chews gum before and after eating;
  • person keeps a diet, often overeat;
  • bias in favor of soda or spices.

Sometimes it is enough to remove any of the above reasons, that everything bounced back. And, of course, the doctor would ask about the “quality” of belching. If there is no putrid smell resembling rotten eggs, it is likely the case in the nerves or bad habits at the table. But, whatever the case, the doctor would carry out necessary investigations reasoning from patient`complaints.

belching with air and lump in the throatIn human’s mind belching with air and a lump in the throat rarely connected with nerves. It isn`t the central nervous system, the patient thinks, because you have problems with stomach, and lump in the throat is felt so clearly that scares. What if it is a stuck piece of food that nohow pass through the esophagus and in any time cat stuck across the throat. And even worse – if there is an tumor, and it’s time to sound the alarm.

A person trying to reject his bad feelings may swallow water abundantly, as if trying to push it through. Оccasionally, a patient can notice that this strange lump appears only when remember it. Or in the morning, for instance, right after sleeping no burping, no lump.

How Does the Nervous System Control the Digestive Tract?

Both symptoms don’t always appear simultaneously, hereto they may be caused by different factors. For example, a person feels a lump in his throat, trying to push it into the stomach with help of gulps of soda. And in that moment burping with air is joined – in such case there is nothing in common with the central nervous system.

The following table describes the main factors that influence on throat and gastrointestinal tract state in stressful situations:

Condition Belching Lump in the throat
VVD Often with dystonia, when the central nervous system goes wrong, the vagus nerve is irritated – it can affect many organs. For example, stomach is shrinked heavily under influence of this nerve, that can cause belching with air and poorly digested food. Pressure jumps in VVD are also badly effect work of digestive tract. Under the influence of an infinite stress and adrenaline rushes muscles tense up (like a stone), it seems to the patient that something stuck inside of throat ( in some cases person may feel tension from outside on throat and chest). If patient suffers from hypochondria – the symptom is “fixed” in the subconscious as dangerous and often shows itself. The lump is felt stronger with increased pressure due to powerful vascular and muscle tone.
Panic attack Affected by a high powerful dose of adrenaline human organism is in a stimulated situation of chase from an enemy. In that case blood drains from digestive tract to brain and heart muscle. Then stomach stay without any control. Food is digested in wrong way. That is why the patient is tormented by belching. In powerful fit of panic attack with lung hyperventilation the patient may feel fear of choking. Then the phobia is reinforced with new crises that gives lasting feeling of pledged throat. As soon as regular panic attack is appeared, brain is right there “by force of habit” focuses all its attention on the throat muscles, because it is fear of their patient.
Anxiety and stress Frequent stress, nervousness may provoke aerophagia. It is a phenomenon in which person breath often, incorrectly and swallows air with saliva. In some moment excess air bursts out. It can come out immediately in full or or in batches – due to this person is racked with airly burp. The same cause evoke appearance of lump in the throat that in VVD – muscles are not relaxed and are constantly toned. It is especially evident if the patient is obsessed with the symptom.

You should notice that throat and stomach are settled near to each other, that is why secondary symptom connection can appear. If a cardiophobe listens strongly to his heart, he may consider that pain in stomach is related to cardiological problems. By focusing on one symptom, person starts think about another one and really feel it. So, in that way, spasms of the throat muscles evoke the gastrointestinal tone, which leads to burping.

It becomes clear that medication from the stomach and throat would not have any effect in such situations. It’s advisable to have a rest and try to prepare your nervous system for stressful situations. Exactly your nerves can provoke a lot of negative symptoms.


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