How to Deal With the Body Trembling?


The inner tremor in the body is familiar not only to the alarmist, but also to people with iron nerves. Life spares no one шnternal vibration in bodyand often throws up situations full of fear, anger and powerlessness. Such shakes are considered natural from the point of view of nature. Moreover, they are even useful to some extent: after all, without stress, we will experience an emotional imbalance.

But what if sometimes everything shivers inside and the reason for this remains a mystery? In fact, the reason does not always lie on the surface, sometimes you have to look for it, like a needle hidden in an egg, which in turn is hidden in a duck, and so on, as in a fairy tale.

What IS Trembling Inside?

Of course, we will not describe the natural chills of the body with fever or in a cold room. Internal vibration in body with a strong fright or nervous breakdown, too, is not surprising. But if a person is not nervous,engaged in a quiet hobby, and suddenly his body began to tremble for a long time – it already looks like pathology. Consider the most common causes of unusual shaking from the inside.

Unspent Nervous Energy

“It’s such an important interview, the main thing is not to show that I’m worried.” How often we try to suppress stress, tremor inside bodyjust not to seem infantile, stupid or insecure. Yes, we are so used to press the nervous shocks inside that have become masters in this. But in this case, do not be surprised that the unspent energy of our stress is trying to find its natural way out. It seems to grab us by the muscles in the whole body and shake.

Under stress, the necessary hormones are released – adrenaline and cortisol. They are necessary to adequately withstand the battle with the enemy (or run away). But since we were not going to run away from our potential employer or to fight with him, we block all sources of the release of hormones. In the end of the evening, instead of relief we have the shaking.

Vegetovascular Dystonia and Adrenaline Rushes

A panic attack provokes a strong adrenaline rush, from which a person can shake for hours. Blood pours from the abdominal muscles to the head and chest, as a result, the brain, realizing that the body is frozen, throws him a signal to warm. The muscles begin to tremble. “Failed” panic attack before going to sleep (though it sounds strange) also causes prolonged internal vibration in body. It happens that the patient will be able to suppress the impending crisis, but the brain mistakenly gives the command to warm up. Pathology that relate to different parts of the brain (cerebellum, cortex, subcortex, thalamus, hypothalamus) are caused by poor blood supply. Sometimes the causes of brain disorders are cardiovascular disorders. All these are also companions of dystonia.

Neuroses, Phobias, Anxiety Attacks

In alarmists, hypochondriacs and neurotics, shaking inside body is triggered for the same adrenaline-cortisol reasons. But patients tend to believe that they are on the verge of madness or unknown disease. Such thoughts only enhance the adrenaline rush, provoking increasingly strong tremors in the body.

How to Stop Trembling?

Tremor inside body is only one of the petals in the whole bouquet of nervous disorder, so it is not logical to try to cure this symptom. You can wrap yourself in warm clothes as much as you want, drink hot tea and warm up on the simulator, but without treatment the main reason for complete relief from the symptom is not achieved. The reason may be in the nervous system. What can be done to improve the nervous system:

  • shaking inside bodyStart taking a contrast shower. The vessels will become more elastic, there will be no strong reaction to stimuli.
  • Learn to relax. Learn at least one breathing exercise. Take a long slow breath, count till 4, hold the breath and count till 3, then make a long exhale. Stop rocking and jerking your legs while sitting on a chair. Often knead the collar area.
  • Control your thoughts, especially your fears. It is necessary to stop to look for imaginary diseases, to listen to the heart – it will work in any case.
  • Visit a therapist. Today, only 1 in 10 people has relatively healthy nerves. And there’s no shame in you ask for help. You have the right to seek recovery and live fully.

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket at the onset of a panic attack, you can fill plastic bottles with hot water and warm yourself with them at the peak of the attack. It relaxes the vessels and restores blood circulation.


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