Why Do We Feel Anxiety without Any Reason?


anxiety with no reasonAn unreasonable sense of anxiety is familiar to every person with Vegetovascular dystonia. It seems that everything is OK and there are no signs of changes of mood, when suddenly this strange feeling appears out of nowhere. In fact, the feeling of anxiety is never unfounded, it seems so only because people do not find obvious reasons for its appearance. Many different moments of the past are hidden in our subconscious mind, which we could hardly remember without a session of psychotherapy. All these moments from time to time make themselves felt – they get out in the form of a strange feeling of anxiety. Especially often such anxiety attacks patients with Vegetovascular dystonia.

An Unexpected Guest Named Anxiety

How does a person feeling anxious without reason behave? First of all, he becomes unable to do something significant. He becomes restless and everything literally falls out of his hands. Sometimes such anxiety can turn into a real attack of uncontrolled panic, but, as a rule, it remains vague, not too pronounced. At the same time, it torments so much that a person can instantly fall into depression. All the person could do is to browse social networks or switch TV channels mindlessly. Internal anxiety without reason is the most unpleasant when occurred in the middle of the night. People can roll over from side to side until morning, suffering from insomnia and not realizing what impedes them to sleep. After all, nothing bad happened and during the day everything was absolutely fine. Yes, the subconscious mind can play a cruel joke with us and make all the deeply hidden fears to come out under the guise of vague anxiety at the most inopportune moment. Constant anxiety can provoke:

In some cases, anxiety can cause people to quit their jobs, refuse to leave home, and begin to avoid social contact. In this case, a person sometimes falls into a deep, prolonged depression, which, in turn, can lead to the most dangerous consequences.

What Lies in the Subconscious?

Very often, the behavior and well-being of a person is influenced by events from childhood. These events once had a negative impact on the mental state and eventually transformed into anxiety, fears and neuroses.  First of all, the psychological state is affected by:

  1. anxiety without any reasonmiseducation;
  2. excessive concern or lack of parental love;
  3. observation of someone else’s psychotraumatic experience;
  4. rejection by peers (humiliation, neglect).

It is known that everything that affected the imagination of children affects their future lives. At the same time, people may not even associate the events of the past with the failed present. Only a psychotherapist often helps them to draw this parallel. Qualified psychotherapeutic assistance, as a rule, helps people to get rid of many unpleasant manifestations and to learn how to perceive the events around.

Feeling yourself anxious without reason can also arise from the fear of death lurking in the subconscious. People with Vegetovascular dystonia often experience panic attacks, entailing a whole series of painful symptoms. One of these symptoms is a strong, uncontrollable fear of death, which often occurs after the patient is struck by a sense of derealization. The world becomes as if distant, a person perceives what is happening as if everything is happening in the movie. Naturally, once experienced, the patient will be afraid to face all these painful manifestations again. The fear of death which is firmly entrenched in the mind of the person manifests itself from time to time and thus causes this hateful anxiety. What can provoke its appearance? Anything, whether it is a accidentally heard conversation about someone’s death or even the most ordinary TV program of the corresponding subject, may bring heavy thoughts about death to an individual with a sensitive psyche.

Every person with Vegetovascular dystonia should remember that when he/she feels anxious with no reason, the anxiety in fact is reasonable. It is necessary to seek professional help to identify its true causes, to go through them and to learn how to perceive your past adequately.


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